Fancy Coffee Friday: Letter To The Editor

The Amusing Muse Fancy Coffee Friday: Letter To The Editor

Letter To The Editor

Dear Editor,

Where has your publication gone? I initially sat down to write a letter to complain that I’d like to be refunded my subscription, but then I realized that I don’t pay for your publication. However, don’t let that distract from the fact that I’m very upset that my email inbox has had nothing from you for months. MONTHS! I don’t know what’s going on down there at headquarters, but the lack of entertainment and information has me positively clutching my pearls! I expect answers. No, I demand answers. I’d ask for a refund but, alas, we’ve already covered that bit of information.


Miffed in Madison

Dear Miffed,

We implore you to unclutch your pearls, take a deep breath, and accept our sincerest apologies for lack of publishing. Unfortunately, when running an operation as small as ours which publishes for free, that means money has to come from somewhere else. That somewhere else has, over the last several months, resulted in long hours at the office quickly followed by long hours around and in the house and yard to catch up on all of the things that didn’t get done while those long work hours were in place. And, Spring has sprung, which brings with it a whole list of items to be accomplished in a timely manner. Given our partner in crime has had to travel for work more frequently this year, that gives precious little time, and leaves precious little mental energy, to put into publishing.

However, we understand that you’re not interested in excuses. We also understand that society today demands free, high-quality entertainment. While we can’t promise the latter, we assure you that we will always produce the former. That, of course, allows you to save your pocket change for repairing your string of pearls should you clutch it with too much emotion. Meanwhile, we’re happy to have received your letter as it shows us at least one person is paying attention!



The Amusing Muse

The Amusing Muse is a blogger and freelance writer living in Southern Wisconsin. She has been married to a very tolerant Mr. Muse for nearly 19 years, but has still had a longer relationship with one of her orchids (26 years). Their house is also now filled with the noise and excitement of the Thunder Cats, the collective nickname for the two cats they adopted earlier this year.

About The Amusing Muse

Deep thinker whose mind operates at warped speed. Philosopher pondering the big (and little) things in life. Storyteller. Office Ninja. Model. Teller of bad jokes. User of big words.
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7 Responses to Fancy Coffee Friday: Letter To The Editor

  1. John says:

    As someone whose own published works have a…spotty history in regularity, I commiserate. Between work & the second job (music – which doesn’t pay much, but does pay)…well, things have been constant. And not always fun – and I haven’t even THOUGHT about planting my vegetable garden – well, that’s not true, I’ve thought about it . . . and lamented the fact that I’ve yet to sow a single seed.

    When you write, I’ll read. Plain & simple.

  2. Aging Cowgirl says:

    I too will read when you write. I don’t have half the responsibilities you shoulder and suffer real guilt from time to time when I realize I’ve not ironed ANYTHING lately. Even put the grandson’s graduation robe into the dryer on fluff so I didn’t need to iron it. Oh the shame!!! OK, enuf of that. Drop us a note when you can!!!

  3. sassycoupleok says:

    It’s amazing how life gets in the way of doing what we love. But it is what it it is. I was just thinking a week or so ago that I had missed your writing. Although I may not always agree with all you write I still try to read between the lines for hidden meaning. Thoughtful, funny, researched and often opinionated your writings are but I will still read them when the paths of motivation and time once again cross.

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