Fancy Coffee Friday: Draft Picks

One of the issues with being a person afflicted with a serious case of “busy” is that my ideas for writing don’t always come at a convenient time. I have yet to carry a pen and paper into the shower. Most of the time when I’m in the barn, I’m without a writing utensil and scratching out some scrimshaw with a nail on a cast-off piece of two-by isn’t really conducive to pocketing for later. So, like most humans, my memory has some failings.

draftSuch is the case when I’m here on the blog working on one post and an idea for another comes to mind. I immediately open up another post window, type in what I think is a good description, maybe some notes, and head back to the post I was working on. Once in a great while I remember that I have all of these drafts sitting in limbo and I cast a glance at them. Inevitably, I get distracted and once again, abandon those same drafts that have been left to linger.

Today, I took some time and went through those drafts. “What was this about?” “What did I mean by that?” “That cluster of words doesn’t even make any sense.”

I think this works for blog drafts, too.

I think this works for blog drafts, too.

One-by-one I deleted cryptic drafts that I was no longer interested in tackling or drafts that made zero sense to me three years, or even a month, after I’d initially thought of the idea. The purge felt a bit like cleaning a closet of clothing that no longer fit, weren’t comfortable, or were just plain out-of-style. And then I thought of this post… about deleting drafts. And I wrote it.

One less draft in the folder.


What do you enjoy purging?

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3 Responses to Fancy Coffee Friday: Draft Picks

  1. My wife and I spend one day a month throwing out ten items each. It is amazing we still have a house; garage; studio; and shed completely full.

    • A home purge is AWESOME. We have a donation box that we’re putting things in if not weekly, monthly. I’m just about due for a good closet purging – there are some shoes and boots that I need to remove.

  2. sassycoupleok says:

    As much as I enjoy reading your’s and other blogs and commenting on them I could never do it, just too many issues I’m dealing with at all times. However the home purge is on here at our house as we attempt to de-clutter and stage the house in anticipation of putting it on the market for sale. Women’s clothes and holiday decorations are a big issue here. We don’t have basements here so closets, attics and garages get full. However I shall purge forward !!

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