Fancy Coffee Friday: My Week in Review for 11/7/14

Unexciting.  Then End.

But that’s not why you came here, now is it?  You come to this blog because you’re a damned voyeur hoping that life isn’t as hum-drum as you think it is.  Sadly, life is pretty hum-drum, but it’s what you do BETWEEN the beats that matter; grab your sticks and play.  That’s your inspirational quote for the day.  Look!  I even made a graphic (optimized for Twitter even)!

Inspirational quotes by yours truly.

Inspirational quotes by yours truly.

Let’s add a little Todd Rundgren to the mix as well.  You’re welcome!

Okay, enough with the downplaying the excitement that is my life.  Since last week’s Fancy Coffee Friday post about my rooster, Sumo the Wonder Chicken, having escaped an attack from some wild creature, I have an update:  Sumo the Wonder Chicken remains in sick bay with what I think may be a broken foot.  This may prove to be an opportunity to break out tongue depressors and medical tape to fashion him a splint.  I’m kind of excited about that.  My Mom said a few times that she thought I should be a veterinarian; the problem with that is that I’d have to deal with the pet OWNERS if I did that… and you know what?  Pet owners are just as nuts (not all, but many of them) as Helicopter Parents.

Speaking of chickens – I sell the eggs.  Eggs are on back order.  I may never eat another egg until next summer with the way the orders are coming in.  Kidding – I’m still going to eat eggs, I sell the extras.

The other weekend we took down a rather large oak tree that had died of Oak Wilt and Mr. Muse has spent many an hour chopping up the trunk into splitting-size chunks where he then split them with his splitting maul and “grenade” splitting wedge.  I have a lot of firewood to haul to the stacks.  Initially, I viewed this as punishment for some unnamed offense, but I’ve been telling myself that it’s great exercise.  It is… it really is.  A bonus is that a few of my fingernails got pretty damaged some months back from a fake fingernail debacle (read: I was fucking impatient and took them off before I really should have) so they are trimmed as far down as I can get them which means “no catching fingernails on firewood”.  YAY!

Another bonus to the tree coming down is that the chickens were super-happy with what amounted to about a 100 huge grubs being worked out of the rotting wood by Mr. Muse and me and given to them.  Ever see a chicken with a big, fat grub the size of my thumb (if you’ve ever seen my thumb… )?  It’s hilarious!  This video clip pretty much explains the whole thing (no grubs were rescued by well-meaning pelicans in my scenario):

I also went to The Twin Cities area for some friends annual Halloween Party where the traditional Jello Shots were dispensed and consumed.  I also had a decent Sazerac at The Sample Room along with a burger and fries and devoured some of the BEST gluten-free pizza I’ve had yet at Sammy’s Pizza & Restaurant.

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Jello shots. A #Halloween #tradition.

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This week also marked my Mom’s and Dad’s birthdays.  Yes, both of them.  No, they aren’t the same age, no they don’t share the same date.  But Happy Birthday to the both of them!

Some of my more fit followers will also be happy to know that I started working out again last week.  I’m back to interval training three days a week, walking and jogging.  Now it’s time to work yoga and strength training into the mix as well.

And there you have it.  The week in review!

How was your week?

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6 Responses to Fancy Coffee Friday: My Week in Review for 11/7/14

  1. John says:

    Over the summer, I cleared a GREAT deal of brush from my property, and this meant taking up several small trees, which means dislodging lots of grubs. The crows were actually perching themselves close enough to me so that I could pet them, in anticipation of me knocking over the next tree. It was kind of cool, in an Alfred Hitchcock kind of way.

    Happy birthday to your parents!

    I had Jell-O shots for Halloween, as well. Peach with vodka — they were delicious. Though, I’m really worried about how much I like the taste of artificially peach-flavored things (I like peaches, as well, the natural kind, but fake-peach flavored Jell-O, or Jolly Ranchers, or lollipops? Wow).

    • I would LOVE being surrounded by crows! I’ve actually thought having one as a pet would be neat. I’d call it Edgar… or Poe.

      Peach-flavored things are dangerous – I’m in complete agreement with you on that one.

  2. Divya says:

    Belated birthday wishes for your mum and dad !! Have a lovely weekend ahead !

  3. Sounds like a full week to me. Enjoy the weekend!

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