Fancy Coffee Friday: Feels like Sunday

The wind rushed through the opening in the car window as Mr. Muse and I made our way along the back roads on a much-needed frozen custard run.  The custard – it called to us, well mostly him – Mr. Muse was going to go whether or not I was joining him.  Who was I to pass up the opportunity for a Turtle Sundae though?

We’d been working at our To Do Lists since morning, though each time I went back to my list to check something off I ended up writing down another item to the end.  Completion of the ever-growing list was becoming something of a myth though I did manage to finish a lot of it (even this blog post once I hit “publish”).  I even made sure to put on a few items that were “for fun” like finishing a book (did it) and watching the newest arrival from Netflix (not done yet).

I forced myself to enjoy a somewhat leisurely morning today with a little pep talk that it was okay for me to relax a little bit… for a little while – the list would still be there.  A little coffee with almond milk, a little reading of magazines, some bacon, eggs with hot sauce, and potato pancakes.  I savored it all, at least until I glanced over at my list and all of the line items that weren’t yet checked off.

Yesterday the company owner called for Early Release mid-afternoon and after I got home I dug into my list, working on things until late into the evening.  Mr. Muse started a batch of cherry wine as well and my normal bedtime came and went.  Just one more thing.  Just one more check mark.  Just one last thing finished before I dragged myself to bed, exhausted, sore, eyes like each blink was done not with eyelids but with sandpaper.  Still, though, I pressed on, finishing the last 20 pages in a book and then allowed myself to sleep.

And there I was this morning, breakfast eaten and I began to gulp my coffee as my eyes scanned my list.  My foot started to bounce on the floor and soon I was up.  I slammed the last of what was in my mug and headed off to change into work clothes.  I have such a difficult time sitting still!  I had single-minded determination to finish my list!

But, back in the car passing fields with center pivot irrigation, sentinel rows of plantation pine trees and Mr. Muse and I both took matching deep breaths followed by heavy sighs.  The Cars were playing on the radio.  The wind was blowing through the open window and I turned to Mr. Muse and said, “It feels like Sunday.”  I yawned.  He said he felt the same way and we fell silent once again, minds focused on frozen custard and avoiding our exhaustion.

I hope I feel like I got two bonus days at the actual end of the weekend.

About The Amusing Muse

Deep thinker whose mind operates at warped speed. Philosopher pondering the big (and little) things in life. Storyteller. Office Ninja. Model. Teller of bad jokes. User of big words.
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4 Responses to Fancy Coffee Friday: Feels like Sunday

  1. I can picture you trying to relax and beginning to fig-git. The tension building to get up and do something instead of actually relaxing and enjoying what you have.
    That is why I could never be married to you. i can spend a half day sitting there enjoying my surroundings and not moving an inch. There is time for work, and then there is time to enjoy what you have done. You need to take that time to sit back and enjoy what you have, and quit being a machine that has to be on the move all the time. You are missing out on a whole world of enjoyment that take no effort on your part. We live in a part of this country that is lush and green; filled with creatures that are intriguing and fun; plants that are unique to this area, be them small or large trees, like your big oak that was there a hundred years before you were born and will probably be there for a hundred years after you are gone, if you don;t cut it down.
    You need to learn how to relax and enjoy what you have done. Then go for frozen custard.

    • I do take time to watch nature, usually when I’m bustling about doing something else and a moment catches me. That’s when I slow down, take a deep breath and enjoy. This morning I relaxed a little as I watched the trees bend and sway in the wind. There are few places I can just sit and do nothing: large bodies of water, the open prairie out west, a top of a mesa in the farther west… I really have to force myself to just “be” the rest of the time. 😉

  2. I don’t even know what day it is and I LOVE it! Enjoy the beauty of the weekend!

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