Fancy Coffee Friday: Uplifting and Ridiculously Tall

Yesterday I was tweeted at (okay… who else thinks that we’re all going to laugh 50 years from now about “tweeting” and how weird it sounded?  Anyone?…. Anyone?  Will it even take 50 years?) by Jim, one half of @Gromit801, that he needed to read something uplifting.

Moi?  Uplifting?  I have always considered myself much more introspective as opposed to uplifting, but who am I to argue with my public.  The people have spoken!  So, here we go on this Fancy Coffee Friday… a short post about something uplifting and my being “ridiculously tall”.

My previous job was in an office where if I were to show up in pajamas, nobody would have cared.  My current job, however, has a dress code and the attire is “business” to “business casual”.  Suddenly I found myself going from jeans, tank tops and flip-flops to wearing all kinds of dresses and the accompanying proper footwear.  The shoes that I wear most often are black patent, 5″ platform stiletto heels with a double “Mary Jane” strap, similar to these.

I’m 5’8″ tall when I’m barefooted.  When I wear those shoes I receive a lot of comments that I’m “tall enough already”, my shoes are “very tall”, or my favorite – and one that I’ve received from separate people at different times:  “Sarah, you are ridiculously tall in those shoes!”  I just smile and laugh as I tower over them with my new Amazonian statue of 6 feet plus (it depends on how much volume my hair has that day).

I’ve always enjoyed being one of the taller people around.  In grade school when we had to line up by height, I was always at the end where my friends, all the tallest boys in the class, were as well.  On a few occasions where people shorter than myself were attempting to pick a fight with me when I was sitting down – I would stand up, straighter than I usually would, and look down upon them, shaking my head that they really didn’t want to pick a fight with me.

Dating was where I ran into some issues.  Men who were shorter than me always seemed to stare at my chest, prompting many an instance of me crossing my arms over “Thelma and Louise” (I can thank my dance instructor for the monikers – I had to learn to lead with them for Salsa).  Sorry vertically challenged men – those who came before you and couldn’t keep their eyes off the girls caused me to make a rule that I’d only date men taller than me – thankfully, that wasn’t difficult to accomplish.  But I digress.

Height, bolstered by my strappy stilettos, goes right to my head.  I stand straighter, I carry myself more confidently (in case I fall I want to make sure I look like I meant to), overall – I have more confidence.  I also have a lot more surprise on my face when I’m not paying attention and my heel sinks into a hot strip of tar repairing a crack in an asphalt parking lot.  So, ridiculously tall or not – there is something to be said for high heels and have an attitude.

Attitude – it looks good on ya!


About The Amusing Muse

Deep thinker whose mind operates at warped speed. Philosopher pondering the big (and little) things in life. Storyteller. Office Ninja. Model. Teller of bad jokes. User of big words.
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14 Responses to Fancy Coffee Friday: Uplifting and Ridiculously Tall

  1. That was uplifting.
    I prefer you in bare feet however. Maybe me in heels so I can see into my camera viewfinder when it is atop my tripod…..

  2. sassycoupleok says:

    A woman with a 5’8″ athletic body like yours already looks wonderful but put her in some heels and that woman becomes awesome and stunning. Definitely one that turns guys heads and one that makes your female peers jealous. My Kim was pom girl in her Milwaukee HS and she is 5’8″. She too worked in the corporate office and endured all the looks and judgments. When wearing heels she looks awesome clothed or bare, a nice habit she accepted when she moved to Oklahoma with me. Also no longer being judged is indeed uplifting ! 😉

    • Hmm, maybe that’s why I don’t have all that many female friends?

      • sassycoupleok says:

        I think they feel threatened by women like you and Kim who have found the way to freedom and unafraid of letting the world know your women and proud of it !! So here’s to standing straighter, carrying oneself more confidently and having an attitude !! Damn that looks good !!! 😉

  3. You are anything but a tenderfoot. I have seen you climb rocks and endure creepy logs.
    Still… You are a tall woman. And that can be taken in many context. Don’t wear heels with me and we will be okay. Or, wear heal with me and we will be okay anyway. I don’t give a rat’s ass. And anyone who does needs to get a life.
    Whether you stand out above me or below me is of no importance. The fact that you are there is what counts.

  4. I probably had one or two too many drinks tonight. But it doesn’t change my opinion.
    Wear your togs. Just don’t wear them when we are working.
    They don’t fit in well with landscapes.

  5. John says:

    In high school, I briefly dated a girl who was taller than me (and I’m far from “short”), so we got lots of stares. It was fun.

    Duffy is 4’10” while barefoot . . . it was fun watching her try to wear monster heels (as she typically doesn’t wear heels at all) when we were married.

    • Smart woman that, Duffy, for not wearing heels. Sadly, I think my favorite pair is on its “last legs” – they are looking decidedly beat to shit.

      Mr. Muse is taller than me unless I’m in heels – then he tends to really stand up straight so he’s “just” taller than me. It’s pretty funny to see him react, and I usually get, “It’s weird having you be so tall…”

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