Book Review: “I’m at a Networking Event: Now What???”

When I attended BlogHer ’13 in Chicago, IL, a month ago, I had no idea that I’d come out having won a book because I knew my Dale Carnegie quotes.  I also had no idea I’d end up spending more of that same morning engaged in conversation with the author, Sandy Jones-Kaminski.  Then again, who goes to an event with those specific occurrences in mind?  That said, and pleasant conversation aside, Sandy had asked for, and I had willingly offered, a review of the book I’d won with a smidgen of my useful knowledge, “I’m at a Networking Event:  Now What???”

9781600051661_p0_v1_s260x420Sandy Jones-Kaminski’s book, “I’m at a Networking Event:  Now What???” (Oct 2009, paperback, $19.99 and eBook, $9.99) is described as “a practical guide to getting the most out of any networking event”, and while some books I have read in the past have made bold claims such as this, few actually hit their mark.  Sandy’s book does.

SandyJK_2012_headshotSandy is a self-described networking enthusiast.  She’s a partner in Bella Domain, LLC.  She’s got a whole list of credentials, including being a LinkedIn Trainer and honestly, most important to me, she is a genuinely nice person.  Sandy has the goods to back up what she wrote about in her book.  Many a book on networking, or business practices in general, can leave me falling asleep by page 2, however, I devoured Sandy’s wisdom in a few short hours and learned some very smart things that I can do now before my next networking event, like:  make a small adjustment to my LinkedIn account to not alert all of my contacts to every tiny change I make (like correcting spelling errors) and adjusting my business card so there is room for people to write notes!

Her writing style is informal, yet clear and fluid, which is what made it so easy to read, and relate to!  She made it easy to follow from chapter-to-chapter and with a variety of “A-HA!” moments along the way, I wanted to continue reading to see what else I would discover.

Before you shake your head and say that a book on networking isn’t for you because you’re not in business or attend networking events, the advice she gives is good, solid know-how because you are always networking!  From your own family to the coffee shop order line to the work place, you have numerous opportunities to meet and connect with people.  If you still don’t believe me, this past weekend I witnessed a truck driver exchange business cards with a winery owner because the company he worked for might be able to get the winery a better price on winemaking supplies.  Yes, he was the truck driver.  No, he wouldn’t get commission on the sale.  Yes!  That really happened!

Are you in an area where networking events are few and far between?  Don’t fret – Sandy has you covered there as well with her final chapter:  How to have your own Networking Event.  She writes about how she started her PIF Parties (Pay It Forward) to bring people together and help each other out.  The idea behind the parties is great and since you’d be in charge, as she explains, you choose who to invite.

“I’m at a Networking Event:  Now What???” is a book that should be required reading for every business, big or small.  Sandy Jones-Kaminski’s tips and tricks can be applied from boardroom to bar room, formally or informally.  The book is useful to Extroverts and Introverts (like me!) alike, giving solid advice and for us wallflower-types, a plan of action with concrete steps that have been proven by wallflowers that came before us.  Sandy’s personable style shines through in this book and like having a conversation with her – you’re awed by how much you’ve learned and can put to use in such a short time period.

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2 Responses to Book Review: “I’m at a Networking Event: Now What???”

  1. Well, I may have to look into this, especially the PIF things. Hell, I am so introverted I hate the things but I intuitively know I should get out there. Putting in an order at my local bookstore later today!

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