Sunday Morning and pollen in the air

Good Morning and Happy Sunday to you!

I have had a case of “drag ass” the last few days, but at least this time I know the reason:  Seasonal Allergies.  The weather here in SW Wisconsin has turned warm and humid, the mosquitoes are out and attacking in squadrons and the tree pollen is floating through the air. My sinuses are stuffed, I’m itching red welts and the warm and humid weather slows me down considerably.  All that aside, it has been a good week.

The peas have sprouted as have my cucumbers and some squash.  The black and yellow raspberry canes appear to be very happy.  My “Woodland” flower bed behind the Master Bedroom is awash in blues and whites and the Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds have been making repeated rounds to every flower.

I’ve been reading and quilting this week, worked a couple days and revisited the meal planning which I’d slacked on completing.  Of course, my meal planning is almost for naught with the warm weather because all I crave and want to eat are cool items like fresh fruits and veggies.  There are worse things to crave.

Early Meadow Rue, Thalictrum dioicum

Early Meadow Rue, Thalictrum dioicum

Mr. Muse and I also did our “Go Take a Hike” weekend, and yesterday we visited Blue Mound State Park, hiking just over two miles around the West Observation Tower.  I am very lucky to live in an area where I have some wonderful state parks just a short drive away.  Get out there and hike!  The wildflowers are blooming and thankfully with yesterdays breeze, the mosquitos were kept at bay during our hike.

We finished up with a turtle sundae at Culver’s.  If you’re not familiar with Culver’s restaurants, they are a chain that started in Wisconsin, famous for their “Butterburger” and frozen custard.  For all of you who need to check for food allergens – they have everything listed online AND in a handy-dandy brochure, one of which I snagged and put in the car.  There is a lot available for the gluten-free crowd, including the beloved turtle sundaes.

Today, Mr. Muse and I beat the heat and got in seven miles on the bicycle.  There was a storm making its way into Wisconsin over the Mississippi River and we didn’t want to get caught in the rain.  Wouldn’t you know that as soon as we got home and checked to see where the rain was… it had broken up and moved south.  There are worse things to have to deal with.

Tomorrow, I have a job interview.  We’ll see how things go.  I’ll be heading in, armed with a bunch of questions as this interview was arranged through an employment agency and may be temporary, or it may be temporary-permanent.  I don’t want to be stuck somewhere on a permanent basis if I don’t particularly care for the people.

On that note!  It’s time for me to get a move on!  Enjoy this silly video!

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  1. smoothalx says:

    Good luck with the interview. Have a nice Sunday too.

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