Today’s Big Deal: Employment Agency Interview

Should I post this before I go to the interview, or wait until after when I can truly get snarky if it’s deserved?  Decisions, decisions.

Upon the advice of my “Resume Master”-cousin-should-be-twin, Lisa, I called up an employment agency and scheduled an interview.  This first company has an online application form that can be filled out ahead of time (complete!) to make things easier.  Being the person that I am, I decided that filling it out would be a great idea because it means less time feeling pressure to fill out an application in the presence of other people.  Of course, I still expect to have to take some tests, like typing and data entry and all that jazz.  So there’s that.

I also spotted a couple of ads for jobs that sounded like they’d be acceptable to me.  I emailed a resume last night to one place – because that’s what they said to do.  I thought about printing a resume off and walking in with it, but for some reason I got the impression that they don’t always have someone sitting at a front desk.  So, email it was.

The other job I saw an ad for requested applicants mail or fax in their resume.  I’m actually going to be driving a block away from the place so I decided to stop by in person and drop a resume off (along with the requested salary requirements) after my interview with the employment agency.  Because that’s how I roll.


So, I’m back from my interview and I rendered the interviewers speechless with my sheer awesomeness.  While I scored “average” for some of the skills testing, I scored really high for others.  In fact, the second interviewer said, “Um…. we almost never see scores that high… We will DEFINITELY be able to place you!” So, that’s pretty cool.

The resume I dropped off was graciously accepted.  And now, I think I’ll type up a couple more emails and shoot off a couple more “short form” resumes to go with them for advertised jobs.  I’m feeling pretty optimistic.

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9 Responses to Today’s Big Deal: Employment Agency Interview

  1. Stephanie says:

    Good luck! I’m sure you’ll find something great.

  2. I’m very impressed. You obviously have some impressive abilities. It will be interesting to see which job you accept. Lets hope its stimulating and rewarding

  3. aging cowgirl says:

    You and your cousin are just BOTH impressive — Hope there’s someone out there who deserves your many talents – you gotta kiss a lotta frongs!

  4. I have my fingers and toes crossed for you! Exceptional testing is always a very good sign 🙂

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