Sunday Morning and more snow

I woke up at some point this morning to the sound of sleet hitting the bedroom window.  I rolled over and went back to sleep – my alarm (yes, even on a Sunday) hadn’t gone off, so surely it must not be 5:15 AM.  At 7:15, it started to play the alarm music.  I answered the math problem to dismiss the alarm and decided to go back to bed.

I knew that I wanted pancakes this morning, because I had been craving them yesterday.  Eventually I rolled out of bed, and peeking out the window I declared that we had snow on the ground (again).  Time for pancakes.

Thursday evening I headed to Milwaukee with my dear friend and fellow model, Katie, for a Southeast Wisconsin Fashion Industry Meet ‘n Greet and Fashion Show.  We had gone to the one six months ago, dressed up, but decided to dress down this go around.  We weren’t sure how long we’d be in attendance.  We are both in the midst of job hunts, have a lot on our plate and weren’t necessarily in the mood to network.

We closed the place down.

People were coming up to me saying, “You’re Sarah, right?”  Uh oh.  I don’t like when that happens, however I refrained from too much smart-assery and responded in the affirmative. Apparently I’m pretty popular, which is strange since I aim for UNpopular.  I met a lot of interesting people, some I even liked.

Copyright 2013 William Zuback

Copyright 2013 William Zuback

William Zuback, who I had a shoot with last week, has been sending me photos to show the results of what we got and I’m very happy!  It would be uncouth for me to share those in his art show, but, I can share one that we took that I really enjoy.  People who have seen it have said, “THAT photo is YOU!”  I like being known as a happy, smiling person.  So, WELL DONE, Mr. Zuback!

Yesterday, Mr. Muse and I spent an hour waiting in line at Wollersheim Winery to snap up a bottle of their first release of Coquard Brandy.  The brandy was made with Wisconsin grapes, aged in oak barrels from Wisconsin and is in essence – Wisconsin.  We could only purchase one 375 mL bottle as we aren’t members of the wineries “Case Club” (not yet anyway), and though we were going to buy more wine while we were there, and a couple bottles of port, the store was PACKED and neither of us felt like waiting in line for another hour.  We decided that we’ll go back another day when it’s not so crowded.   I haven’t tried the brandy yet, but it is very pretty in the bottle.

Today, I have a “light day” planned, from working out to some cleaning and laundry and then onto website migration – made much easier with the removal of the fake nails I had on last week.  It’s amazing how difficult it can be to type even with the “short” fake nails on my finger tips.

Here is hoping that you all have better weather than I do, and if you don’t – you’re staying warm and cozy today.

About The Amusing Muse

Deep thinker whose mind operates at warped speed. Philosopher pondering the big (and little) things in life. Storyteller. Office Ninja. Model. Teller of bad jokes. User of big words.
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12 Responses to Sunday Morning and more snow

  1. sassycoupleok says:

    We can relate to your weather, Ms. K just returned last Friday spending two weeks in Milwaukee with family. They were doing a baby shower and Easter with her kids and grands. She’s glad to be back in Okla. and enjoying some warmer weather although we have set this past week record low highs for 2 days. Yesterday and today, 70s – 80s, we are enjoying working nude in our backyard and some light house work as well. So we will enjoy a little vitamin D for you today 🙂

  2. It’s April for god sakes enough with the crappy weather! Hope this week brings you some sunshine. I LOVE that photo…I believe it captures your true essence of joy.

  3. That brandy sounds interesting

  4. John says:

    That photo is, perfectly, you!

    Let me know how the brandy is — I’ve never been able to get into brandy, though I do enjoy cognac, which is, essentially, the same thing . . . maybe it’s that I’m too cheap to buy anything decent 🙂

    you have an alarm that makes you answer a math problem? I get out of the “continuously hit the snooze” loop by setting my alarm at the opposite end of the room. I need to get out of my bed (which means untangling myself of blankets and kids and dogs) and walk over (typically stubbing my toe(s) on the way) before flipping the switch. Most of the time, it works to keep me from heading back to bed.

    • lol yep – I have an app on my phone that to snooze OR shut off the alarm in the morning I need to answer a math problem. It’s on “easy” right now, and to shut off I only have to answer 1 problem. If I want to snooze, I think I have to answer 4 – so by then I might as well just get out of bed.

      I will definitely review the brandy – I still haven’t opened it…

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