MLiP Wednesday: “Peek-a-boo”

Copyright 2013 The Amusing Muse - "Peek-a-boo"

Copyright 2013 The Amusing Muse – “Peek-a-boo”

So… what do you do when you walk into a bathroom stall at Bed, Bath and Beyond and see the door lock?  As I sat there I thought, “Hey… I bet that would make an interesting picture”.  I took out my phone and started snapping photos, and then I thought, “Boy I hope nobody comes in here and sees my phone through this lock in the mirror… I’d get reported as a perv in the bathroom.”

There were no witnesses.  There was no “perv reporting”.  Just a picture of a door lock.

And perhaps a little TMI?

Either way… it is my life in pictures!

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11 Responses to MLiP Wednesday: “Peek-a-boo”

  1. And a very fine lock it is too. Well worth recording and the risk to your reputation

    • HA! Thanks. I also wondered why it was designed the way it was – since someone could open it from the outside. Then I realized that was exactly the reason why it was designed the way it was – so someone could unlock it from the outside; I recalled those times where stall doors had been locked as a prank… it’s a prank-resistant lock!

  2. sassycoupleok says:

    Not TMI ! Good little tidbit to start the day. Besides, who else would have thought to do this ??? Laughing…….. 😉

  3. John says:

    Totally worth potential reporting as a perv for that pic 🙂

  4. Good call on that shot..looks very interesting.

  5. Should’ve taken the picture from the OUTSIDE. Bonus if someone is in there at the time. Now that’s pervy!!

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