There Is No Asking For It

Grace has said this better than I feel I ever could.

A Confederacy of Spinsters

no-means-No“She was asking for it.”

I thought we were over this idiocy, America. I thought we’d moved on from the old thinking that if a girl acts “slutty” or “wild,” then whatever happens to her from thereon out—whatever horror may befall her or evil may prey upon her—is her own fault. If the coverage of the Steubenville rape trial is anything to go by, however, I was wrong. This is still a conversation we need to have. FINE.

Let’s do this.

You know who doesn’t deserve to be raped? A drunk girl. Just because a woman decides to let loose and drink alcohol, doesn’t mean she should expect sexual assault. The Steubenville case isn’t a cautionary tale of partying, it’s a cautionary tale against assaulting an unconscious or delirious woman. Women shouldn’t have to be warned against going to bars alone or leaving their drinks unattended. Sorority girls shouldn’t…

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4 Responses to There Is No Asking For It

  1. what would happen if a drunk asshole woke up without his penis and the woman who castrated him says that he was asking for it? she would get crucified! it’s hard to believe in this day in age, society still plays these games!

  2. The skimpy clothing thing still floors me. We say how awful it is that the Taliban makes women wear burkas, yet we’re doing similar here with sexualizing short or tight clothes. Or even going topless on the beach.

    • Sadly, we have a “rape culture”. We women are told time and again that we need to be sexy to attract men, but if “the wrong kinds” of men are attracted to us, then it’s our fault because surely we must have done something wrong to garner “that kind” of attention. Damned if we do, damned if we don’t. We have no middle ground.

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