Corned Beef Hash and other things

Tomorrow morning (that’s Saturday the 9th of March, 2013) is going to be GREAT!  Why is it going to be great, you ask.  Thanks for asking!  It’s because I will be seeing friends from out of town that I haven’t seen for a few months, spending time with them and a bunch of my other tight-knit clan and…


We’re going out for breakfast and the place we’re going serves GLUTEN FREE Corned Beef Hash!!!  Seriously, I love my friends to bits, but the hash thing has me giddy with excitement.  I really love hash.

And I’m getting a side of hashed browns.

Saturday Morning. You and Me, Hash 'n eggs. You. And. Me.

Saturday Morning. You and Me, Hash ‘n eggs. You. And. Me.

And maybe some sort of breakfast cocktail.

But I’m DEVOURING that Corned Beef Hash.  The only thing that could top the hash would be if I could get a slice of gluten free Key Lime Pie, too.  Mmm, pie.  I love pie.  And hash.  By the way, it’s almost Pi Day, and you should go check out Jules’ delicious pie.

Damn it you perverts… Her PI DAY pie.  I’d tell you what it is… but it’s a surprise.

Order in the Court!

Order in the Court!

*clears throat*  Okay, down to business, Readers.  I might be unbalanced by thoughts of corned beef hash and the improbable likelihood that I might get me some GF Key lime pie if the planets and stars align, but I need thoughts, ideas, comments…

I’ve shifted my thinking on this blog and while I’ll still write about what I want to write about, I want my blog to be friendly for YOU all to navigate.  I’m vacillating between adding a “Will Work for Peanuts/Contact” page to my existing pages, or adding it and tossing my “Mad Scientist in the Kitchen”, “Traveling Shoes”, “Past Projects” and “Writing for the Halibut” pages.  Essentially that would make you dig through the archives for past posts.

I’m trying to cut down on some of the work for ME while still making a site that YOU enjoy coming to and reading.  You know what I’m sayin’?

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11 Responses to Corned Beef Hash and other things

  1. I can see why the hash has you crazed….it looks amazing, especially right now at breakfast time. Enjoy your good friends & food…there is no better combination.

    • I’m a hash aficionado and I can’t tell you how disappointing it is if you find out the place “serves” it out of a can (unless of course they put a great crust on it). It’s one of those completely unhealthy, totally-bad-for-you, artery-clogging yet 100% delicious things I love. 😀

      My breakfast of a banana-cherry smoothie, while good, is NOT hash.

  2. What part of regular corned beef hash would have gluten? I thought those were proteins found in grains like wheat, rye, etc?

    As for navigation, can you consolidate some of the other ones under a “Past posts” heading? (or some name that’s a helluva lot more clever) Then people can hover over it and see travelin, kitchen, whatever…?

    • Sadly, I’ve run into quite a few restaurants that toss their taters in flour before they toss them on the flat top with the corned beef. One breakfast-out-with-friends had me on the emotional rollercoaster shortly after finding out gluten was off the menu. I saw hash on the menu and instantly became elated, inquired about gluten – because you have to ask about every damn item on the menu, found out they flour-coat their potatoes for the hash and found myself nearly in tears. I don’t get that big of a reaction anymore, since I will call ahead and discuss the menu if they don’t have a specific “GF” marking. But, I do love hash and eat it every chance I get – like Key Lime Pie (which I’m calling the restaurant to see if they’ll bake me a GF Key Lime Pie… gotta love 50’s-style diners that bake their own desserts).

    • I forgot to say thank you for the ideas on the navigation! Thank You 😀 That’s a thought as well… I’m going to ponder it for the next week before I do anything “drastic”, but I’ll be adding the “contact” information today.

  3. Been a mighty long time since I had me some good hash, the corned beef kind too. Oh, and I miss my Great Grams (who hailed from Louisiana; pronounced Loooo zee anna) Black Eyed Peas and rice

    • Mmmm peas ‘n rice. I know we’ve discussed food before – and how I like mine spicy – but, corned beef hash is near and dear to my heart (and would clog my pipes if I ate it as much as I wanted). All that salty, fatty, and if done properly – crusty/crispy exterior…. Okay, my mouth is watering.

  4. Go Jules Go says:

    Ooh, you’re gonna have a day and a half tomorrow!! My pie and I salute you (seriously, though, thanks for the shout-out)!

    As for lay-out, man, I’m the wrong person to ask: I so didn’t plan well with the whole categories thing – I manually link all of my giveaway posts on my giveaways tab.

    But I think adding a “Will Work for Peanuts/Contact” page is a great idea, having it as one of the things you can click on the top bar.

    • Thank you, Girl! You’re welcome for the shout-out because YOU are hilarious and people need to read your blog. Like, they NEED to read your blog. (How obvious is it that my coffee is STILL and full-caffeine-strength?? WEEEeeeee!)

      Yeah, website layout pondering is on the board for this next week. I’m welcoming any and all suggestions to put on the table at this point (and pondering buying a web design for dummies book).

      Contact page will be up by the end of the day!

  5. You had me at corned beef hash. Just love the stuff.

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