Sunday Morning *cough cough*

Good Morning to you dear Friends and Readers!

I’ve been battling a sinus infection since I got back on land last Sunday, and things are improving but I’m always amazed at how much this particular affliction can take out of a person.  My kitchen island looks like a small pharmacy with the bottles of aspirin and Mucinex, cough drops and mugs of tea. The bathroom vanity appears to be some sort of low-rent, discount spa with small bottles of tea tree oil, a neti pot and packets of saline.  I look forward to this infection being over!  I’m quite “done” with the feeling of my brain trying to push out through my nasal passages and my eyes exploding with every cough.  Sadly, I can’t even crack open a can of chicken noodle soup out of convenience lest I want to “gluten” myself.

I’ve sought out comfort food solace in the form of Brown Rice & Lentils, Syrian Rishtah and Spanish Rabbit this week.  No, they aren’t chicken noodle soup, but they’re all spicy and make my nose run – so there’s that.  I’ve also asked myself this week why I haven’t yet picked up stock in Puffs or Kleenex.  (I’ll also be aiming for some stock in Carnival Cruise Lines.)

Sadly this bout of misery that I’m dealing with has caused me to not want to write a whole heck of a lot.  It’s hard to think about anything but a pounding head, and think about things I must!  I did manage to write a guest post for HomeClothesFree this week and was also asked to write a story to be submitted to N Magazine.  Pretty cool!  Add to that my acceptance and settling in of embracing being the Accidental Nudist, I’ve had a full week.

I’ll write more about the Big Nude Boat 2013 put on by Bare Necessities this coming week, I’m still not sure if I’ll cover each port individually or mash them altogether.  I had a great time, and each port had a different experience.  Thankfully, we were not on the Carnival Triumph, but on the Carnival Freedom, and our cruise went off without a hitch.

Now that my big modeling job is complete, I can focus on scheduling more shoots as I have a few requests.  I won’t delude myself into thinking that I’m suddenly becoming Ms. Popular; in fact, I started to read the blog of Erika Napoletano and her talks about being “Unpopular” really resonate with me.  I’ve always felt unpopular (not the same as “unlikable” – watch her YouTube video), and I’m really comfortable in that role.  I like being the underdog, flying under the radar.

Now, writing of being under things… I’m still under the weather and the body is telling me it’s time to not be sitting on a high bar stool at the kitchen island.  Have a great week!

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Deep thinker whose mind operates at warped speed. Philosopher pondering the big (and little) things in life. Storyteller. Office Ninja. Model. Teller of bad jokes. User of big words.
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  1. Feel better…I had the same thing recently and it’s no fun.

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