Things I think about.

I got in my morning run today and was in the shower thinking about the things I wanted to accomplish.  I knew I wanted to wash laundry, which got me thinking of the irony that I wash all of my laundry in cold water because it saves energy and the clothes don’t shrink; but there I was showering in hot water thinking about how I’m enjoying shrinking from running.

Oh the irony.

Okay, I did get a little wrinkly from the water… HA! Get it?! Hmm… No?  Okay… moving on.

In other news…

A friend posted an article about a controversial topic (euthanasia) on Facebook.  I read the article.  I read the comments left by people she knows about the article.  I left my comment.  I read the comments left by people who didn’t read the article, only the headline, and shook my head at their fanatic, moral outrage that someone was euthanizing infant twins.  Here’s the gist – it was two 45-yr old men who were deaf and were going blind and they CHOSE to be euthanized.  It’s actually a poignant article.  It was not about the presumed infants the morally-outraged one made note of in their comment.

So I got to thinking about how many people there are who start railing about this topic or that, or commenting on this article or that, but yet either don’t know anything about the topics or haven’t read the article.  You have to know a little something about what’s in question before you start debating it – at least that would be the intelligent way to go about things.

So, things I think about…

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4 Responses to Things I think about.

  1. People tend to just go right to the negative. It seems as if people are just looking for an argument. The can’t wait to pounce with their 2 cents without educating themselves first. Sad & annoying.

    • I agree with you on that, but a lot of times I think people who make the biggest noise and continually say “I don’t care if I offend anyone”, definitely want to offend people and want all the attention that they garner.

  2. liquidmatthew says:

    Well, I think it’s more that people who read the article and have a calm, measured opinion don’t get noticed. As for the ones who do make a lot of noise, it reminds me an observation the Slacktivist made, that people feel the need to passionately defend their ethics, if there’s no one they’re defending them against. No one’s arguing that euthanasia is awesome, just that it’s sometimes, sadly, the best of bad options. But if you read the comments, you’d think someone had proposed mandatory euthanasia for the common cold.

    • So true! I didn’t read the comments on the article itself as when I have, the trolls seem to come out en masse. However, you’re correct – my response echoed another friend’s comments that essentially boiled down to: “Who are we to say what they chose was ‘wrong’? We don’t live their lives. We don’t know what they feel?”

      I read the article and just felt so much sadness in my heart for these two men who were born deaf which had to have been difficult enough, but who were now going blind. They’d no longer be able to see those they loved most and from what it sounds like, these brothers were together all the time – to have your constant companion, the person who KNOWS you and in this rare example, exactly what you feel – “taken” from you visually. It seems a very lonely way to live. I’m guessing they thought long on their decision. Whether people agree with it or not, we have no say in their decision.

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