10/27/2012 Question of the Day

Hybrid or gas-guzzler?  Why?

What if I have both?  Because I do.  Evie is a hybrid and Christine (yes, after Steve King fame) is a gas-guzzler.  Both are paid for and while Christine is up there in years, she still runs, so I’m loathe to replace her just yet.

Why?  Well, we got the hybrid because we wanted something that got great mileage and that was more friendly to the environment.  Purchasing Evie was sort of a way for us to make up for the gas-guzzling tendencies of Christine.  Thirty-four miles per gallon versus…. twelve.

We don’t drive Christine very often, but she serves her purpose.  Incidentally, if it comes to us requiring another “run about” car… I’ll be leasing a Smart Car.  They lease out of $99/month.  How awesome is that?!

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2 Responses to 10/27/2012 Question of the Day

  1. If they’d make a hybrid 3/4 ton, I’m in. I need a truck these days. Kat has the fuel efficient vehicle because she needs it. I need a truck because…well…because I do. A beater truck for around town, hauling wood, lumber, dirt…etc. But hey, if they came out with a hybrid Dodge Ram Hemi. Whoa baby!

    • LOL They DO have the Hybrid Titan, but that’s an SUV and doesn’t have a bed per se – inconvenient for hauling wood, lumber, dirt, etc…. unless you have a trailer. DH has already decided that the next vehicle to replace our pickup will be a large 6-8 passenger SUV that can haul a trailer, since he figures we can then haul the boat he’s building AND all the friends to come along. Incidentally, it would also haul all of our friends AND all the wine we buy on road trips.

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