Another curious effect of going gluten free

I am a fan of adult beverages.  I cannot lie about that.

I like my beer (note to self: begin quest of ultimate GF beer).  I like my wine.  I like my cocktails.

Back in my college days when drinking was done because we were underage and it was a social thing and people did stupid stuff (though I usually ended up being the semi-responsible one), I didn’t actually appreciate the Adult Beverage as I should.  I didn’t enjoy the craftsmanship of a fine beer, wine, liqueur, etc., because I was just too busy “getting my drink on”.

I wasn’t “tasting” what I drank, just downing it for the buzz (I mean, let’s just be completely honest about that, right?).  I got older, and with that addition of age came some wisdom and appreciation for the finer things; in other words, the $10, 1.75 L bottle of lighter fluid Fleischman’s Vodka that we bought in college no longer cut it when it came to enjoying an adult beverage.  I became one of those people who requested “top shelf” brands when my cocktails were mixed.  When I ordered a cocktail and forgot to request Belvedere, Ciroc or another high-quality vodka in my martini, I could tell.  The wrinkled up face and gasping for air as the low-quality crap liquor burned its way down my gullet was telltale.

Now, before people think I get “all crazy with alcohol”, as part of my eating better regime, a few years ago I started to limit myself to 2 drinks unless it was a special occasion.  And then I didn’t have dessert if I was drinking.  One or the other (only special occasions were accepted from this ruling); since I could skip dessert without feeling like I was missing out, this wasn’t a problem and more days than not I didn’t even have a cocktail.

However, I do enjoy my cocktail hour.  Cocktail hour is a relaxing ritual.  Picking the adult beverage of choice, getting out the ingredients, opening the bottle, popping the cork, shaking, pouring, whatever you will – I find enjoyment in this part of my day.

What I hadn’t read about on any gluten-free site or book, and it could be very individual to me alone, is that while I still enjoy my Cocktail Hour, after one adult beverage I’m done.  Not “drunk” done, just mentally I’m done… I’ve had my cocktail/adult beverage ritual and that’s enough***.  I have pondered a second glass of wine or a second cocktail and my brain responds with a bored “Nope, I’m good.”  This is a big change from my usual, “No, Sarah, you said two drinks and two drinks is all you’ll have.”

Now, lest you think I “left well enough alone” – think again!  I smelled a challenge.  Unfortunately, I smelled a challenge where there was none and yeah, to quote myself, “No bueno”.  When the brain says, “One and done” – obey it.

“One and done is what I always say”

So there you have it, Dear Readers, since starting this crazy Gluten and Dairy free eating routine on the 17th of this month, I’ve lost a few pounds, my concentration has ramped back up and my penchant for adult beverages has been tamed to walk nicely on a leash.  This is CRAZY!

I look forward to more mis-adventures in Gluten- and Dairy-Free Fundom (and telling you all about them)!!

*** Oh, this is too funny and strange to report… here I was, all PROUD to report this odd phenomenon, but there I was last night, post work out, a glass of white zinfandel from von Stiehl Winery.  It was so nice and cold and crisp… and I had a second glass.  Apparently it was a fluke, or von Stiehl’s White Zin snapped me out of a funk?  I’m back!  I’m back!!!

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