I think the Phoenix expressed how I’ve been trying to live my life very eloquently.

The Phoenixplains

A few months ago, on a Tuesday morning, a man went out alone on a routine run into the New Mexico wilderness.  When he didn’t come back, his friends grew worried.  Rescue teams were sent out in search of him and he was found Saturday night, leaning against some rocks next to a creek, his arms resting on his chest.  Micah True had gone for his last run and died doing what he loved.  After his death was confirmed, the articles started pouring onto the web.  Articles that could do a much better job at telling the story.  Articles about how he died, but more importantly, how he lived.  One word that I noticed got used in each article I read was “authentic”.  It stuck with me.  Caballo Blanco was known by his friends as authentic.  And I thought: “Wow.  What a wonderful thing to be known/remembered as.”


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  1. Kate says:

    (trying to not make as big a deal out of this as it is to me) I am truly touched and honoured that you reblogged my words. Wow. Thank you. Your appreciation for it means so much. A lot of times, my posts are to serve mainly as reminders to myself. To be who I aspire to be. And when it touches others…. it just means a lot. (I’ll stop now, before I get too deep here)

    • You’re very welcome, and I think writing for oneself is the defining mark of a good writer. When the writing speaks to another – that’s a bonus. 😉 (but I know what you mean… without getting too deep)

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