Today’s “That’s right…I did it” for 07/30/2012

I live in the sticks.

Yes, I have neighbors – I can see one of their houses all year and a second house come winter.  I can see the yard light from a 3rd most of the year.  Most of the neighbors we know by sight, wave when they drive past or head on down to lean on the fence and “jaw a while” if they stop; we know who drives what vehicles.  People don’t often stop by… I’m okay with that.

About 11:30 AM today (hence the “That’s right… I did it”) I notice a dark grey, 4-door compact car slow down on the road while I’m sitting on the couch with the laptop waiting for peach jam to finish processing.  The car slows more and then turns into the driveway, and pulls all the way up to the garage.  I look out the window and see at least three people in the car, none that I recognize and do the first thing that comes to mind when people I don’t know show up in my driveway unexpectedly at 11:30 AM when normal people are at work (says something right there, doesn’t it).  I shut the laptop, stashed the photo CDs I was going through, shut off the TV and ran out of left the living room to hide in less than five seconds.

Turns out my running and hiding was justified… they were Jehovah’s Witnesses coming to save me.

Even the dog got up from where she was lying in front of the fan to move to her kennel in another room; turns out she doesn’t need saving either.

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7 Responses to Today’s “That’s right…I did it” for 07/30/2012

  1. whew….close call, that one

  2. Wow, I didn’t have the witnesses come calling but some other christian group using the tagline do I feel there is no justice in the world and wanted to go over some scripture with me. So it was 10:30 in the morn, you can’t see the house from the road and they drove all the way down it to tell me scripture? I’m standing in gym shorts and a t-shirt with wild hair because I was up all of about 5 minutes! I politely said: “No, I have only been up a few minutes and still need to have breakfast” and turned around and went back inside. Luckily for me they politely turned around and left instead of following me inside!

  3. Shania M says:

    Hello mmate great blog post

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