My Freak Flag…

The Freak Flag.

I have one.  I think everyone does, to be perfectly honest, just some people are better at hiding their flag.  I got to thinking about this idea after reading Lisa’s post about Fly Your Freak Flag Friday and how an appropriate flag for me is the Jolly Roger.

The flag of Edward England

You see, I’m a bit like a pirate regarding when I let my flag fly.  Some people ride around with their Gadsden “Don’t Tread on Me” flag, which is a great stance to have… except that when you make it your Freak Flag, well then, people don’t want to approach you lest you get all in their face.  Pirates however, didn’t fly their pirate flag until their quarry was within sight.  Piracy was, and is, illegal, but if you didn’t expect to have a long life and wanted to see how far you could get on the misery of others… well, Piracy was probably a good career move.

The Jolly Roger, as my Freak Flag fits because I don’t often let my flag unfurl before I’m sure the other ship is within grasp.  I patiently watch my quarry, or in this case – the other person, and stay just out of range of their cannon and as soon as the wind is favorable, I hoist my Freak Flag and yell from the helm “ARG!  Prepare to be boarded!”  I brandish my swords (one in my teeth, of course), grasp a rope and swing over to commandeer the ship.

Thank you to:

I think I’m better looking… maybe.

My quarry is caught unawares and once the flag has been raised, they’re already in my clutches.  They are stunned and say they never suspected this of me.  I have to laugh and ask why the eye patch and propensity for saying, “Arrrgg!” didn’t tip them off.

What say you, Dear Readers?  Declare thy flag ye hast chosen to unfurl!

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9 Responses to My Freak Flag…

  1. You know those camouflaged boxers I mentioned not to long ago;Those with long streamers of panties.

  2. I can never pull-off Pirate Stealth Mode…
    the peg-leg almost always gives me away.

  3. I live in Freak Flag Flying Asheville, NC. Where flying your Flag is generally expected. While reading your post, I was thinking to myself “what DOES my flag look like?” and I decided that it changes depending on the situation and environment. However, since I never have mastered the skill of hiding it (pretty much, AT ALL), no matter which flag I’m flying today, everybody’s gonna see, so I might as well be proud of it, right? Let your Freak Flag fly!

  4. This was great! The Jolly Roger is so Badass! My flag was shoved in the back of the freaking closet for so long the cyclodelic colors were fading. Nothing a night on the town couldn’t fix!

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