Things I’ve done…

Is it just me or has life been really damn hectic.  I’ve been feeling a bit like taffy, getting pulled all over the place, but over the last few weeks I’ve done some things that have helped alleviate the taffy feeling.  These are all good things, but I’m sure some people will be shocked at my lack of availability.

First, I turned off my texts from Facebook.  Yep, no more texts 24/7 saying I got messages from this, that or the next person.  Sorry – love you guys, but really?  2 AM?  Not that I’m even awake at 2 AM, or the fact that my text alerts were silenced while I was sleeping… 2 AM?!  I’m going to quote Samuel L. Jackson here with this advice, “Go the fuck to SLEEP!”

I moderate a modeling discussion forum on Facebook, up until recently, it was just me and the founder.  The founder needed some time off to deal with her life, I brought in recruits to help moderate, they’re enthusiastic and the work load is spread out.  LOVE you guys!  I’m very happy that I have been able to cut back my time dramatically being a Babysitter-in-chief.

I consolidated all but one of my emails to forward to one account.  Time-saver!

I am taking more “Me Time”.  Up early in the morning (it’s okay… I like mornings), I get stuff done around the house or go to work, I come home and get stuff done.  I stopped jumping to respond to every text, email, phone call and every other form of communication.  I’ll get to it when I get to it.

I’m getting back to reading more – I’ve missed it.

The best part of all of this?  I’m much more relaxed and a relaxed me is a very good thing.

How do all of you Dear Readers deal with being too busy?

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2 Responses to Things I’ve done…

  1. I never allow push notifications from any app on my phone. I figure I check fb and twitter frequently enough as it is, I don’t need my phone lighting up every two seconds. In addition, while I do enjoy receiving phone calls bearing good news, I do not enjoy the sound of a ringing phone so my ringer is always turned off and the phone set to vibrate only.
    I am fortunate enough to to be able to set my own schedule but this does not necessarily contribute to me being less busy. The way I make sure I still get to things that I want to do is that I schedule stuff really far in advance and I treat everything, even my “me time” as an appointment. I’m going to Colorado for 4 days in September and it’s been in the appointment book for several weeks already….

    • I concur! My schedule for work is fairly flexible, but I sometimes have things scheduled out a year in advance though more often than not about 4-6 months out is average.

      With the notifications, I allowed them as I was one of two moderators for a forum, but now that the workload has been spread out among seven of us – the notifications to the phone were turned off because I don’t have to “jump” to take care of things. What a tremendous relief!

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