Another stint in Nerd Studio

Good Morning, Dear Readers!

I’d say “Happy Memorial Day”, but really… there isn’t much happiness involved with remembering soldiers who have given their lives for our country.  So, Thank You to those soldiers who did, and thank you to their families.

Now, I know, I didn’t get a post ready to go for a 5 AM CST publishing.  I am working on one now though, so isn’t that much better than having no post at all from me?  I woke up today feeling like I must have slept in the shape of a soft, Bavarian pretzel last night – I am SORE.  The kinks will work themselves out eventually, so while that happens, I’ll share with you some pictures from yesterdays Nerd Studio with Jeff at JSV.

I learned some more about lighting yesterday.  Lighting is good to know because photography is capturing light.  That’s the be all end all.  If you can’t capture light properly, or at least how you intended to capture it, you’ll end up with an image for which you don’t really care.

I have a lot to learn about photography, even on a hobbyist level.  While I started off with a hand-me-down camera when I was very young, and received my very own Kodak Disc camera as a gift when I was about 12, I never took a class in photography and up until I started to model a couple of years ago, I didn’t know that there was so much to know about taking pictures.  Thankfully, I’ve worked with some really great photographers who have taught me bits and pieces about taking photos (some probably didn’t even realize they were teaching me something – another post at a later date), but I’ve gotten to be good friends with Jeff and he was willing to take me into Nerd Studio to fill my brain with knowledge.  Nerd Studio has been fun and when in the studio, we spend a lot of time on lighting; when we’re not in studio, we’re on “Walk About” with the cameras taking pictures of this and that.  I look forward to gleaning more knowledge from Jeff and all the other photographers with whom I will work.

Here are some results of yesterdays Nerd Studio, and PLEASE – let me know what you think!  I’ve got my big girl undies on… scratch that, I don’t.  I’m still in my Stewie Griffin pajamas.  Anyway – tell me what you think – and be constructive!

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2 Responses to Another stint in Nerd Studio

  1. Nice pics but I still like female nudes best of all subject matter

    • Nudes are actually difficult to shoot well; light bounces, skin wrinkles and pulls and bulges. There are enough mediocre or out-and-out “craptacular” photographers in the world trying to shoot nudes because they can get close to a naked female. I’m not anywhere near good enough to shoot nudes – and I have big enough cojones to admit that I don’t have the skills.

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