05/27/2012 Sunday Search Terms and Project 365: Facts 142-148

Good Afternoon and Happy Sunday, Dear Readers!

I admit, I’ve been feeling some burnout as of late due to the moderating of the modeling group.  The best thing I can remember about it all is:  “When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion.”  ~Dale Carnegie

Yesterday, DH and I went out wining and chocolating on the Southwest Wisconsin Wine Trail.  We visited Weggy, Spurgeon, Whispering Winds and Bauer-Kearns Wineries, restocked our “cellar” with a couple of cases of wine, bought some chocolates and a six-pack of  Pure Malt Cave Ale from Potosi Brewing Company – I’m enjoying a bottle of it right now.

Today I spent time with Jeff in Nerd Studio learning more lighting and taking pictures of plants and PVC.  If my pics (not Jeff’s pics on my camera) turn out, perhaps I’ll post them tomorrow!

So let’s go on to the Search Terms!  This week, we’ve got three winners.  Number one is: peter castro model.  Peter!  My dear Nachos and Margarita Night friend… People are looking for you!  Okay, they’re looking to see your models.  HEY!  I’ve modeled for Peter!  So there is another plug for Peter.

Number two is:  long nails payless shoes.  This term just confuses me.  Truly.  Long nails payless shoes?  How do these two terms go together?  What page of search engine results was my site on to bring one person here with that search?  I’m almost afraid to search for that myself.

Our final search term is:  overuse of indeed.  Overuse of Indeed?!  I don’t think that’s possible.  I use “Indeed” all the time.  The word serves me well and I never get tired of using it.  Indeed?  Indeed!

And now… onto the random facts!!!

Project 365 – Random Facts 142-148

Random Fact #142 – When my watch alarm goes off to remind me to drink water, I often exclaim “I’m going to blow up!”  I have to remember not to say that in certain locations…

I wear a watch that I can turn an hourly alarm on, and usually do to remind me to drink water.  I realize that sounds funny but there are days that I get so involved in this and that, that I don’t remember to drink until I’m sitting there, dry-mouthed, parched skin and  feeling “off”.  So, there you have that story.  If you hear my watch go off, it’s time for me to take a drink.

Random Fact #143 – I have a tendency to swear/curse frequently, but I do my best to not use expletives.

Surprised?  It really is true.  Thankfully the cut-off switch between my brain and my mouth works most of the time.  I have and can swear the proverbial “blue streak”, especially if I’m angry.

Random Fact #144 – I actually like pickled herring in wine, cream or lingonberry sauce.  Lingonberry is my favorite.

I can thank my Swedish friends for this tasty food.  You heard me correctly, “tasty food”.  I will admit that I was hesitant with my initial induction into eating pickled herring.  My mental dialogue went along the lines of “But it’s going to be so FISHY!  I bet the texture will be icky.  Sure, it smells okay… but, pickled fish?”  I got my undies untwisted, told myself to grow up and ate some.  I refrained from more negative internal dialogue and then found that I really do enjoy the lingonberry sauce version.  The sweet-tart lingonberry sauce cuts the “fishy” taste of the pickled herring.  And yes, I eat the herring with boiled potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, etc.  Yum.

Random Fact #145 – I don’t like to be called my “special nicknames” by anyone other than the person who gave it to me; the only exception is “Princess Sunbeam”.

This is one thing that I actually get pretty ornery about.  If someone has a nickname for me, such as DH, and he calls me his chosen nickname in front of someone else who then calls me that nickname – it makes me bristle noticeably.  I can be called all of the generic pet names:  Sweetie, Hun, Honey, Darlin’, Dear, etc.  I can be called Princess Sunbeam by people, but my “special” names – those are reserved for the people who bestowed those monikers upon me.  I won’t speak/write them here… I don’t want people to misstep and call me a name they aren’t allowed. 😉

Random Fact #146 – I believe in the paranormal, including the things that go “bump in the night”.

I have so many stories and occasions about why I believe in the paranormal, starting from the time I was very little to even this morning, hearing the shower curtain rings slide on the bar when no one was in the bathroom getting into the shower.  I have been told that I’m a medium, that spirits are drawn to me because I can see and/or hear them and I accept their existence.  I’ve heard them, seen them, smelled their perfume or tobacco products.  I’ve seen strange things in the night, shadow figures walking upright just outside of how far my eyes can see in the dark.  I’ve seen balls of light dance outside my window on a night that had 20+ mile per hour winds and these balls of light shouldn’t have been able to maintain their position, but they did.  I have heard a male voice call out a man’s name in my house in a room with me when I was the only one there.  You don’t have to believe in the paranormal if you don’t want to or aren’t comfortable doing so… I’ve seen too much to not believe.

Random Fact #147 – I’m a Philosophical Taoist.

I was raised Catholic and while I still have some habits from the teachings of the church, good (the Golden Rule) and bad (the Catholic guilt… about EVERYTHING), Catholicism wasn’t for me.  I looked into all kinds of religions, and found Philosophical Taoism.  I’m very comfortable with Taoism; it feels like home.  It’s a good fit.

Random Fact #148 – I don’t like that mechanical pencils stop working when the lead is down to half an inch and you have to toss that piece to get it to work again.

I use pencils a lot at job #1 where I do “job costing” so I go through a lot of “lead”.  I was using good ‘ole No. 2’s for a while but switched to mechanical pencils.  I don’t like wasting all that lead… Okay – that’s the frugal attitude coming out.

And there we have another post for search terms and random facts!

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