05/19/2012 Question of the Day

Do you remember your dreams?  Are they in color?  Do you have recurring ones?

I average three to four dreams a night when I take the time to attempt to remember them in the morning.  My dreams are often a mixture of Technicolor, Black and White or both.  Sometimes I see faces of people, sometimes I don’t.  I have recurring dreams and dreams that start off the same but end differently.  I even dream of future events and when I find myself in the same place I was in a dream, with the same words being spoken around me, the same sounds, the feeling I get is similar to deja vu, but more intense.  All of my senses go on alert and I listen for clues and remember what happened in the dream.  If things didn’t go so well in dreamland, I do my best to not have a repeat in reality.

Dreams fascinate me.  They have helped me solve problems (which is what experts say dreams are meant to do), raised new questions and have helped me realize that there are things in life that I need to “let go” of.  I actually really enjoy dreaming, rarely having a bad dream or a nightmare, and there are mornings where I wake up in an utter fog because it felt like the dream I was in was reality.

I have a dream dictionary, full of symbols and activities that have had various meanings attached to them.  Sometimes things make sense, sometimes they don’t.  There are dreams that I’ve had a half-dozen times before they even sort of make sense to me.  Some I haven’t figured out until years later, and it just dawns on me, “HEY!  THAT’S what that dream meant!”  An epiphany.

So, Dear Readers – how about you?

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Deep thinker whose mind operates at warped speed. Philosopher pondering the big (and little) things in life. Storyteller. Office Ninja. Model. Teller of bad jokes. User of big words.
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8 Responses to 05/19/2012 Question of the Day

  1. Mine are a like yours in many ways but different in many others.Sometimes if I drift off to Sand Man Land with a clear question on my mind I’ll wake with the answer and absolutely no idea how I retrieved it.Just this past Thursday night trying to put artist to song with just a few pieces of lyric and a snatch of melody.Couldn’t do it.Drift off.Wake up 05:00 and BANG, first conscious thought is the guys name.
    I love it when stuff like that happens.

  2. I can always tell when I have too much going on and maybe need to get centered again because I don’t remember my dreams but when things are in balance I have pretty vivid dreams typically in color. I have dreams that seem to come true days, weeks, months or years later. Usually those are meeting someone or visiting someplace new. I have had dreams that the alarm interrupt and hit snooze and it picks up where it left off. One of those I never will forget is getting hit by a car and becoming a spirit watching my body and others around it as it was in a coma. Very freaky. Others have been more ‘explainable’ as in yeah that seems to be what I was thinking about before bed or giving me ideas for dealing with issues that had come up. Thanks for bringing up the topic!

    • You’re welcome! From what I understand, out of body experiences while in a dream aren’t that unusual. I’ve had them myself, but I’m very comfortable with the belief that we’re just energy, so there was no panicking on my part. When I woke I had more of an “Well, wasn’t that interesting” kind of mentality.

  3. Aaron says:

    I always dream in color.

  4. When I remember, I remember that I dream in colour…technicolour!!! Probably left over from my dabbling with certain chemicals. What I do have are deja vu instances that are so itense I find I am almost scrambling to step away from them…only to find that is still part of the deja vu. So intense are these occurrences, that I had someone look at me and ask what the hell that ripple was. I embrace them now and think of them as the univers letting me know that all is as it should be.

    • Exactly! While I’ve never had anyone ask what the “ripple” was, I have deja vu pretty intensely. I think I need to adopt the attitude that “all is as it should be” for those deja vu moments… I seem to have adopted it for everything else in life.

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