Ode to my Breakfast Burrito

I’m a fan (HUGE fan) of the Breakfast Burrito.  I prefer to make mine at home (though I will indulge at McDonald’s… even though I know I shouldn’t.  But they’re so tasty…) with eggs from the Happy Chickens, Spicy Ranch dressing, cheese, bacon… veggies.  Whatever needs tossing into and being wrapped up inside my burrito is fair game.

Every once in a while though, once I’ve compiled my burrito and folded and wrapped so carefully… it suffers what I call:  a blow-out.  If you eat foods in burrito-form as much as I do, you dread the blow-out.  Sometimes they happen as you’re carefully folding and rolling together.  Sometimes you get them as you’re taking a bite, the now herniated burrito spilling its innards out into your hand.

Today (okay, yesterday, as I write my posts usually the day before), my breakfast burrito suffered blow-out before I even got my tortilla on the plate.  There were two flour tortillas  left in the bag and they stuck together as I began to peel them apart.  As I felt the tortilla tear, I cried softly, “Ohhhhh Nooooooo!” and pulled them both out, carefully peeling them apart, yet already knowing a blow-out was headed my way.

I cooked my eggs, sprinkled my cheese and poured my salsa.  Carefully I wrapped and folded and all looked well, but my burrito herniated onto my hand… and plate.  Since I have no pride in moments like this, I proceeded to lick off my hand and between my fingers, the innards of my burrito that had spilled forth.  Pseudo-melted cheese accompanied by roasted chipotle salsa oozed over my palm and I licked it off and made “Mmmmmm” sounds, because it was good.  And I liked it.

Now, here it goes… my ode to my Breakfast Burrito:

Breakfast Burrito
Tasty Wrap so good to me
Blow-out makes me sad.

The End.  (what can I say… I like Haiku)

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8 Responses to Ode to my Breakfast Burrito

  1. CultFit says:

    Just finished one up reading your post 😉
    I’m in love with them!

    • You know, I like the occasional sandwich, but nowadays it seems that every restaurant wants to toast the bread. I’m not a fan of the base of my sandwich being toasted – it cuts my mouth up. Wraps are handy (ha! Get it?!), and if done right and the tortilla is strong so you don’t get blow-out, very easy to eat!

      I love spicy, flavorful food and am particularly fond of starting my mornings off with salsa!

  2. I like em just the way you described but I usually have to finish with a spoon…..and a glass of iced tea.
    Lord have mercy… I have to have two, please!!!

    • LOL I’m guessing you down ’em with SWEET Tea *makes a face* I’m an UNsweetened iced tea person – which I find very humorous to ask for when south of the WI/IL border.

      Can’t do two burritos. If I make my own they are fairly big, and if I go to McDonald’s… I love their hash browns, so I need room for those. 😀

  3. timbo2six says:

    What is pseudo-melted cheese? Or did you mean melted pseudo-cheese? And, who doesn’t love a breakfast meal you can eat with your hands? Especially something with some ZIP to it!

  4. stevesw says:

    Strange you would post this today, as I went off my ‘no fast food’ diet and had a free Chick-fil-A chicken breakfast burrito for the first time. Different…but it was free!

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