Mystery Vibrations and Booming felt in Wisconsin

We've got some deducing to do!

Recently in my state (that would be Wisconsin) the local news channels have been filled with stories about Clintonville, WI, and the “mysterious booming” and “vibrations” that are waking people up in the night.  The booming and shaking has now been reported in Montello, WI, (80 miles away) as well.  Wednesday I even saw a headline that counselors were being brought in to help people deal with their emotions over the mystery.  Have Americans really become that high-strung?

“Experts” in geology have said that this is NOT seismic activity.  Utilities have checked their lines and say it’s not related to gas, water or sewer.  Landfills are being checked for methane issues.  It’s just a mystery.

I found myself pondering logical reasons for the booming and shaking and thought I’d list them here:

  • Someone has set up a worm thumper ala Dune.
  • Someone has built and is using a giant earthworm grunter.
  • Rebel teenagers are driving around with huge speakers in their car with the bass turned WAY up and the treble, etc. all the way down.
  • Sonic Booms
  • The start of the Apocalypse – when I play my Sim City game and want to destroy a town I’ve created, I go to “God Mode” and wipe out the town.  It always begins with a few booms, then there are bright flashes of light, the Sims can be heard screaming and then… blank slate.
  • Aliens
  • The Chinese are invading by land…. they’ve just tunneled THROUGH the earth.
  • Have I mentioned giant worms yet?

So… what do YOU think it is?

UPDATE!!!  As of this morning (3/23/2012) – the US Geological Survey is reporting that the Mysterious Booms and Vibrations was caused by a micro-earthquake (very common in California) and that the rocks in the area are so old they are essentially resonating from the quake.  

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2 Responses to Mystery Vibrations and Booming felt in Wisconsin

  1. Tom Baker says:

    There might be a massive Indian burial site and the dead are just now awakening for the Zombie Apocalypse. It’s a very slow mutating strain of zombie virus.

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