03/11/2012 Sunday Search Terms and Project 365: Facts 65 – 71

For Sunday Search Terms this week, I have two top searches I’d like to bring attention to:  Stewie Griffin and “Flash on Wednesday”.  Stewie Griffin is pretty much self-explanatory – he’s awesome (and a character on The Family Guy for those not in the know), but… “Flash on Wednesday”?  I’m not sure what exactly people are flashing, but I have my ideas.  Instead of “Hump Day”, Wednesday will be known as “Flash Day”.  Yes, a day of fun, frivolity and spontaneity of people flashing each other.  I think we should go for it.

Project 365: Facts 65 – 71

Random Fact #65 – I like pens.  Especially colored ink pens (other than blue or black)… if they are glitter pens, so much the better.

It’s true.  I’m just below “pen addict” level.  I don’t go around stealing pens from desks and pocketbooks.  No, I just know what I like and if I see what I like, I get it.  I think I may have about a dozen pens in my satchel as I write this.  I use my pink pens at work because the guys don’t steal them – the pens have “cooties” and are too “girlie”.  Just what I was going for.  I really love the good old Papermate Stick Pen… they leak horribly, but I really love them.  Lots of good memories revolve around my writing with leaky stick pens…

Random Fact #66 – I love eating scallops.  Sadly, scallops do not love me back.  In fact, the four times, I’ve eaten them – they tried to escape within an hour.  Three times they succeeded.

Doesn’t matter the variety of scallop – they get refunded regardless – which is really unfortunate because I enjoy seafood and shellfish!  So far, scallops are the worse offenders.

Random Fact #67 – I made my first souffle when I was twelve; it was chocolate.

My addiction with Food Porn began at an early age with The Frugal Gourmet, Jeff Smith, and Cajun Cooking with Justin Wilson and then let’s not forget Julia Child!  PBS fed my food porn addiction and my little brain absorbed it all like a sponge cake (get it?  sponge cake…. food porn… ).  The first time I tried making souffle, I remember watching it be made on one of the cooking shows on PBS and thinking it didn’t look all that hard.  I found the recipe in the beat-up Betty Crocker cookbook in the cupboard and beat eggs and whipped whites, mixing and stirring carefully.  Sans souffle pan, I used a casserole dish and made sure I buttered everywhere I was supposed to.  Nearing completion of my masterpiece, I kicked the family out of the house while it baked, lest one too-heavy footfall or slam of the door deflate my project.  Patiently I waited for the buzzer to sound, hoping that when it went off the sound alone would not be too much for my little chocolate souffle.  I inched it out of the oven and proudly set it on the stove top.  What they didn’t tell me was that souffles deflate anyway once they cool… At least it still tasted good.

Random Fact #68 – I make my own jams and jellies.

Grape, Apple, Strawberry, Raspberry, Dandelion, Violet, Violet-Mint…. the list continues to grow.  Grape (made with juice from wild grapes on the property) and strawberry are my favorites with raspberry a close second.  Dandelion is much-loved by many people (too sweet for me), and tastes like orange-flavored honey – and looks like it in the jar, too.

Random Fact #69 – I find cherry cordials disgusting…. make-me-want-to-gag-disgusting.

They are gross.  Disgusting.  Who made up this candy?  Isn’t candy supposed to be good?  I can’t even knowingly TRY to eat one as the hair on the back of my neck stands up and the gag-reflex kicks in.  I’ve mistakenly grabbed and bitten into them from mixed boxes of chocolates… Napkin please!  Not cool.  Boxes that contain them need warning labels.  “This box may contain a Cherry Cordial that you, Sarah, and only you, will find and bite into.  Good luck!”

Random Fact #70 – I like the smell of the copy machine when it’s printing.

I know.  It’s strange.  I liken it to how people liked the smell of the mimeograph machine.  For some reason I just find the smell of it pleasant.

Random Fact #71 – I’m allergic to sunscreen… and insect repellant.

Summertime is SUPER fun!  There are actually three sunscreens I have found that I can use.  Two of them, Burts Bees and Yes To Cucumbers both work but clog my pores.  BOO!  The remaining one is DHC Skincare’s White Sunscreen, which only comes in 1 oz bottles (you’re supposed to use a full ounce when you go out into the sun) at $24/bottle.  Pricey!  I save it for my face and neck alone.  The rest of my skin has to play at its own risk!

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2 Responses to 03/11/2012 Sunday Search Terms and Project 365: Facts 65 – 71

  1. Aaron says:

    Flash day does sound like fun.

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