02/26/2012 Sunday Search Terms and Project 365: Facts 50-57

Search terms…. Search terms.  Are you kidding?!  The most popular search term of the week with a whopping 55 views is, drum roll please:  Christmas Lights.  CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!?  It’s almost MARCH!  Can we please put away Christmas until the fall?   Okay, I’m bitching when I shouldn’t be – the Conclusion of the Christmas Light Vandals is the top post I have (103 views in 7 days).  It shall be repeated and honored and spread like “The Night Before Christmas”.  My name will go down in history.

Project 365:  Facts 50 – 57

#50 – I collect Amaryllis bulbs.

It’s true.  I collect them.  I have a dozen plus different varieties, three of which were received this last Christmas as presents.  ‘Chico’ is blooming right now… I should take a photo!

#51 – Clowns freak me out.

Clowns are scary.  Not make me cry scary (not yet anyway… okay, not anymore), but very disturbing.  I avoid clowns at all costs if I can.  The one and only time I was at the circus (Kindergarten) I cried.  Psychology says that this is due to the face paint and being unable to discern what the “emotion” is that the clown is showing.  The face paint shows one thing… but is that REALLY what the clown is feeling?

#52 – When I’m thinking really hard about something… I unconsciously stick my tongue out and bite it.

According to my mom, this is what my grandma did.  A bunch of the animals around the farm did this, too.  Now, whether they were thinking hard on something or not, I do not know.

#53 – I’m a klutz/accident-prone.  I run into things, trip, hit my head, drop things on extremities and cut myself – in a “DAMN!  I cut myself again!” – kind of way.

I seriously wake up with new bruises, cuts and scratches and wonder what I did.  I’m always running into something.  Even this morning I found a cut on my finger that I have no memory of getting.  What the hell?

#54 – I frequently wake up in the morning and find new bruises.  I like to blame my husband for these… tho the more likely reason is that I ran into something… like the wall.  See #53.

I don’t need to explain this one further…

#55 – I once butted heads with a goat… The goat won and I got nine stitches in my eyelid at the lash line.  My husband assisted the doctor.

I have covered this story before, but yes… concussion, stitches, torn retina.  The whole works.  Good times.

#56 – I broke my right pinkie toe by turning a corner too quickly and kicking the bottom of a cabinet.  I strapped that toe to the one next to it and carried on… after sucking in my breath and swearing… a lot.

Since I had learned from my one teacher that when you break your pinkie toe there isn’t much to be done but strapping it to the toe next to it… that’s what I did.  I gimped around for a few weeks, but ultimately it healed enough that I don’t feel any pain.  That’s a good thing.

#57 – I once woke up with a broken right index finger.  I slept on it… and broke it.  THAT takes talent.

No, I wasn’t drunk.  Yes, I sleep like a mummy.  At some point during the night, I rolled over, my finger under my shoulder and when I woke up, my right index finger was swelled up and angry-red and unable to move.  This went on for a couple of days, so I bought one of those finger braces, strapped that on, and called it good.  My right index finger is “twisted” inward now, but… it wasn’t like they could have done much for it anyway.

That concludes this Sunday’s post!  Enjoy!!!

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4 Responses to 02/26/2012 Sunday Search Terms and Project 365: Facts 50-57

  1. The “search terms” box on the status page is my favourite thing about WordPress. Mention any popular clothing brand and get an infinite amount of views! Every day multiple people find my blog via “TNA Parka” or something.

    Amaryllis bulbs are beautiful! Post some pictures 🙂

  2. Tongue biting is hereditary?

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