Gaming that is OUT of this WORLD!

Go to Europa Casino for the gaming out of this WORLD!

I bet you’re all scratching your head at that title, aren’t you?  Well… I’d like to thank a spam comment for today’s post.  I received a spam comment to enjoy gaming that is out of this world at Europa Casino.  Well, hmm?  Europa seems a bit far for me to travel just to go to a casino, especially considering that I have been to Las Vegas twice, staying in casinos both times and not having gambled at all.

I also have issue with all of the logistics of even TRYING to get to Europa.  It’s not like Virgin Galactic has perfected their space planes yet.  Oh sure, I could buy a ticket for a measly $200 K for a subspace flight, but that STILL doesn’t get me to Europa for the gaming that is out of this world… and well, $200 K would buy me a lot of trips here on good ol’ planet Earth.  I mean, if I had that kinda dough lying around, I wouldn’t have to save up 2 or 3 years for my “big” vacations, now would I?

On that note… it’s a Tuesday, FAT Tuesday to be certain, and I’m at job #1 (see:    Housewife) today.  I have stuff to do, places to call and laundry to put away before heading out with the friends tonight to eat Cajun food and drink Hurricanes.  Maybe I’ll earn some beads… I’ve done it a few times before, I can always do it again.

Give me some beads and I'll show you my....

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