02/19/2012 Sunday Search Terms and Project 365: Facts 43-49

Good Morning, Everyone!

I’m going in a little bit different direction with the Sunday Search Terms – it’s seems people are still wondering about their Christmas lights… and cruises, and search engines bring them to here (aren’t they lucky??).  In an effort to liven up the search terms, I’m going to list the interesting ones.  Such as:

  1. gift hamesters – Hmm, gift “hamesters”?  What are “hamesters”?  I know what HAMSTERS are… cute, furry little rodents that spend a lot of time sleeping, eating, pooping and being cute.  If someone knows what a “hamester” is – please let me know.
  2. softcore – Wow, “softcore” brings people to my site?  I feel inadequate… I don’t have any softcore here.  At least I don’t think I do.  Did someone visit and leave some under the mattress?
  3. museofamusing.com, musingsof the amusing muse – AWESOME!  People are searching for my website!!!!  SWEET!  I think I need to throw a party or something.  Perhaps someone wants to throw a party for me?  With a cake… one of those adult novelty cakes.  You know the ones.

Project 365 – Random Facts 43 – 49

Random Fact #43 – I have the strong desire to run up to men who wear their pants in the “sagging” or “hanging” fashion and pull them down all the way. Or hand them suspenders. Rainbow suspenders.

It’s true.  All you “Saggers” and “Hangers” out there – “wearing” your pants in that fashion looks STUPID.  When you walk down the street having at least one hand on your pants at all times so they don’t fall around your ankles, you look like an idiot.  And, you DO know that wearing your pants in that fashion comes from prisons… as a way to advertise you’re up for anal sex?  I’m not saying anything… I’m just sayin’.

Random Fact #44 – I had an imaginary friend named Julie Shepard when I was little. She had a dog – it was a German Shepard.

Yep – I was one of those kids with an imaginary friend.  We hung out, we talked – a lot.  Julie and I spent a lot of time playing in my room with my toys.  She even went outside with me on occasion, but mostly we were indoors.  I remember the day she had left.  She sat me down on the floor and told me that I was a big girl and didn’t need her anymore and that I would be okay.  I was about 5 when that happened, and even now writing about it makes tears well up.  She hugged me and left, and I remember crying a lot that afternoon, eventually crying myself to sleep on the floor.

I learned a lot about life from Julie.  We talked about my brother a lot.  My parents.  She put things into a perspective that my four-year old mind could understand.  If you have kids with “imaginary friends”, believe them when they tell you they are real, because they are.

Random Fact #45 – When my mom told me to go clean my room when I was little, I would start cleaning, and then fall asleep – usually in the closet… on top of my toys.

Admittedly, I was very bad about cleaning my room, for a very long time.  Some of that was cured when I found a dead mouse under a pile of dirty clothes, but the majority of that reversal happened when I went to college.  While I don’t border on obsessive compulsive when it comes to cleaning, as a general rule, I don’t have a lot of clutter around in more than a couple of locations (my bathroom counter, island in the kitchen).  I like things clean.

Random Fact #46 – I have swung across a hay mow on a rope, making the Tarzan call.

True!  All true.  One of the joys of growing up on a farm and knowing people who lived on farms.  I climbed to the top of a stack of bales of hay on one side of the hay mow, grabbed the rope and swung across to a pile of chopped hay in a corner.  It was a soft landing.

Random Fact #47 – I once brought home a bone I found in the woods when I was about 4 or 5, insisting it was a human bone. It was a deer bone.

I’m sure that the bone had been where I found it for a long time, it was black and partly buried under leaves and debris.  I remember squatting down over it, carefully plucking it from the ground and inspecting it for damage.  I looked all over the area for more bones, but didn’t find any.  It was a very important clue!  Had someone been wandering around in the woods, lost?  I couldn’t fathom being lost in the woods.  I was a little heathen child who was out in the woods all the time, running around in my moccasins.  Was this the bone of some person who had fallen victim to a nefarious plot?  To learn that it was just the bone of a deer was very disheartening.

Random Fact #48 – I took French class for two years. I have forgotten most of it.

Yep, if you don’t use it you lose it.  I hardly used it, so I lost most of it.  I still remember some, and when I see French in writing, I can sometimes decipher it.  Really, all that I have retained was the ability to roll my Rs.

Random Fact #49 – Potato chips are my kryptonite.

Oh, dear, salty potato chips, how I love you.  I can shut out the whole world if I have a bag of potato chips… and if there is a container of sour cream and onion dip to go with – bliss.

And that concludes our post for today kids!  I had a photo shoot yesterday and will be shooting again today with JSVExperimental… partial shoot, partial Nerd Studio session.  Huzzah!

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