Question of the Day 12/24/2011

If you could read minds for one month, what topic would you most want to know?

Ohhh, well… me being the twisted, pervert that I am – I’d like to know what turns people on.  But that’s only a small part of it.  I like to know people.  To find out what makes them tick.  What happened in their past to affect their actions today.  Why do they say or do the things they do at the times they do them.  How one person becomes obsessive compulsive about cleaning and another can live in absolute filth without blinking an eye.

Why does one person never want to learn to drive… ever, and another person becomes a “gear head”.  There are so many great questions and tidbits of information to find out about people.  The people in my life know that while I can and do have occasions were I talk – a lot, that I don’t often ask questions.  I like to observe.  I can people watch for hours.  I like to see people’s interactions with others in their environment, with people, with animals, even with their phones, newspapers, magazines, etc.

And, since today is Christmas Eve, I would like to know and find out what people truly want for Christmas.  I don’t think the majority of the world is as materialistic as it seems we are, especially Americans.  I have a Christmas List, and while I’ve covered this topic on a number of occasions, my actual list isn’t all material goods.  My list isn’t formed out of a need to spread the good word that I want “stuff” – no, I get asked for it.  My list has a variety of charities that I would RATHER see people make donations to than to get me more things I need to dust.  I would rather spend time with my loved ones over a good meal and good conversation than get a bunch of gifts that I will forget when I got them in a few months.

So, what would you really want to find out?

About The Amusing Muse

Deep thinker whose mind operates at warped speed. Philosopher pondering the big (and little) things in life. Storyteller. Office Ninja. Model. Teller of bad jokes. User of big words.
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