Thursday 12.8.11

I just had to pass on this rant from my dear friend over at jsvexperimental


New in the file: The Rick Perry Gay-Bashing campaign ad. You’ve got to be shitting me.

I don’t have a thing against people from Texas. I take that back, I wish we had more of their warm weather up here. I guess I have to hold out a few more years for that Global Warming to make it up here to the “Other Mitten State.” Then, we can trade those mittens in for some sun block.

I guess the other thing I have to wonder is what frame of mind elects this guy as Governor? I should not talk, I used to live in Illinois. I don’t recall ever voting for Blagojevich, though. Being me, I’ll talk anyway. Have you seen this ad?…

Here’s what he just said…

“I’m not ashamed to admit I’m a Christian but you don’t need to be in the pew every Sunday to know there’s…

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