In the olden days, you had to milk a soybean by hand…

I’m a little late today with writing, and have been excelling at procrastination by allowing my “attention span of a flea” to reign supreme.  Ooh!   Butterfly!  After this I have to get into strength training… So, let’s see how long I can write.

Today’s topic is brought to you by:  Runner’s World recipes.  Namely the recipe for Pumpkin Smoothie.  I was telling a friend what was in the smoothie, and said that it called for Vanilla Soy Milk.  The conversation went downhill from there, as it usually does, and he said, “Must be a bitch trying to milk a soybean.”  I responded, “they have machines for that now.  But, in the olden days, they had to milk them by hand.”

Since I grew up milking goats and was familiar with the workings of a dairy farm, I pictured someone attempting to milk a soybean by hand.  Either they are teeny, tiny people who are milking these beans… or those soybeans that are being milked are HUGE!  Have you milked a soybean lately?

Thanks for the image Soy Yummy!

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