Saturday, November 26th, 2011

Happy Saturday after Thanksgiving!

Now that that is out of the way, lets start off with saying that I attempted to be super good and get up at 515 this morning to work out and get that out of the way since I knew we’d be eating a big lunch today.  Yeah… I failed.  I slept until 715, woke up from a dream where I was smelling Cinnamon Biscuits and decided that I needed to make them for breakfast.  So, I lumbered out of bed, performed the morning constitutional and padded my way to the kitchen, noting that it was raining on my way through the living room.

I started watching Extreme Couponing this year and so I stocked up on some things, like Bisquick.  I mixed up the regular Drop Biscuit dough, added a teaspoon of cinnamon (the Vietnamese kind from Penzeys that smells like Red Hot candies), ignored their recommended “makes 9 biscuits” and opted to make 5 larger ones.  While those were baking I made some cinnamon butter, using the same cinnamon, mixed into butter.  My only recommendation would be to add a tablespoon or two of sugar to the biscuit dough.  We, DH and I, had to add a little sugar, so we sprinkled the hot, steamy biscuits, slathered in butter with some raw cane sugar.  Delish.

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Oh, I also survived a belated Thanksgiving dinner with my in-laws.  My Father-in-law and I started drinking shortly after my arrival (he waits for me to show, isn’t that nice?); we had some nice beers from Tyranena Brewing (me: Rocky’s Revenge; FIL: Headless Man).  Minor blow-ups from the Mother-in-law were had at 1230 and approximately 130 PM (only two, which is pretty good for a visit).  Dinner, a lovely rack of pork loin, with a crispy, salt crust on the fat (YUM!) was served with a Riesling from Vetro Winery.  The Riesling was… okay.  A bit on a dry side and too tropically in flavor to really go well with the whole dinner, but was drinkable.

We left after dinner and made our way back here to home base, where I poured myself a glass of Vignoles from Famous Fossil Winery as I pondered a post for today.  But, I think I’ve exhausted mental capacity for the day… must refuel with some leftover stuffing and green bean casserole from Thursday.

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