Jet Fuel of the Gods

I Love COFFEE!!!

Hello, my name is Sarah, and I’m addicted to… coffee.  I’ve been consuming coffee and other caffeinated beverages for many, many years.  The problem with that is, I have cardiac arrhythmia.

Combining that arrhythmia with high consumption (I have been known to polish off a full 12-cup pot by myself), that makes for a major problem.  So, I have decided to cut back.  Here at home, I’ve started making Quarter-Caff or Decaf; at the office, I limit my intake to one, teeny, tiny 8 ounce cup.  I ache for more.

Not only had I started to consume large quantities of coffee, but I started to become a connoisseur.  No cheap coffee for me; no, I developed a taste for Jamaican, Guatemalan and Hawaiian coffees.  Fair-trade and Rainforest certified as well.  Without those seals, I wouldn’t buy it.  I researched coffee brands.  I delved into company backgrounds and sought out the best choices.  Did you know that the coffee crop is one of the most environmentally UNfriendly crops in the world?

A friend of mine once referred to coffee in a conversation as “Jet Fuel of the Gods”.  Does that make me god-like since I consume massive amounts?  Nahhhh.  Just an addict.  I did well for a few days, curbing my consumption, and today when I stopped for gas in the hybrid, I purchased a Seattle’s Best Iced Mocha…. then I had an 8 oz cup ‘o Joe when I got to work.  The coffee at work… Folgers.  Not my favorite… but it’s what is purchased.

My efforts to decrease my caffeine intake have involved me wearing a watch with an alarm that goes off on the hour, every hour to remind me to drink water.  Needless to say, I have to pee… a lot.  Is this helping the overall effort to drink less coffee?  Not really.  Maybe just make me eat less, which I have started to eat more with not drinking coffee (it can suppress appetite).  *sigh*

Ahhh, a warm, frothy cup of Jet Fuel of the Gods

Keep your fingers crossed… It’s quite the effort involved with cutting down on the caffeine.  I’ve got to be strong!  Beat the addiction!

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2 Responses to Jet Fuel of the Gods

  1. I am also a coffee addict and I have tried to give it up! Sadly, I can’t! It’s my warm cup of joy!

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