…Just taking a break from Hollywood…

Years ago in college, a guy I dated told me that I looked and sounded like “an actress [he] admired”.  Despite my badgering, he’d never tell me who this actress was.  I had forgotten about it until this year.

I’ve been told three times in the last 4 months, by two photographers and a nurse, that I look and sound like the actress, Dana Delany.  I find this really funny, as I hadn’t thought about this elusive doppelgänger that I had out there for over a decade.  Today, my husband was present to hear it stated the third time.  He’s not great with actors/actresses names, but I could see that he recognised hers.  I just looked her up and, curiously, her birthday is the day after mine.  Pretty cool.

I can only think of perhaps one or two occasions where I’ve told someone I had met that they reminded me of someone.  So, this got me wondering how often others hear that they look like someone famous.  We’re always told that we have a doppelgänger out there in the world, but who is it?

The nurse who told me I looked and sounded like Dana Delany told me that I should tell people I’m just “taking a break from Hollywood.  Hanging out here in Madison, getting a little work done.”  Wonder how that would work out for me?

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1 Response to …Just taking a break from Hollywood…

  1. Pat Meiers says:

    Now that you mention it, maybe that is why I like Ms. Delany’s work! Her newest series – in which she portrays a medical examiner would be right up your alley – researching crimes and solving murders! Maybe she could use a MUCH YOUNGER double – you’d like her taste in shoes!

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