Fancy Coffee Friday: Miscellany

The Amusing Muse : Challenged blog title post image of miscellaneous emoticonsIt’s not 5 AM on a Friday when this post is hitting your inbox.

I realized today, after sending Mr. Muse yet another email with the subject of “Miscellany”, that I often feel like the Queen of Catch All. The Miscellany Drawer in the house – always the kitchen. The stack of miscellaneous towels in the bathroom, acquired over the last few decades. The bucket of nails and screws that might come in handy one day (and they DO!).

I think that’s a way of saying: DAMN there has been a helluva lot going on, hasn’t there?

I’ve pondered all the things I don’t know and all the things I’ve learned often these last several weeks. There is so much in both sectors of that Venn Diagram. I have friends and relatives in the military and police. I have friends and family who are people of color.

I have been laid-off due to Covid. Mr. Muse has taken a pay cut and is facing potential lay-offs in the coming months.

This could be my way of saying “I’m just like you,” but really this is just an outline of my admission that I have no idea what the future will bring but… we’ll make it through. One way or another.

Maybe it’s been a good thing that I’ve been reading about The Stoics: Plato, Socrates, etc., in that much of what is happening is completely out of my control and so I just do what I can.

What can I do? I’ve been walking. I’ve been rescuing reptiles and amphibians from the roadways, spotting Bobcats, and spending a lot of time in the garden. I’ve been researching insects, rusts, and other pests on the fruits. I’ve been spending time reading and working on embroidery.  I’ve a To Do List that is a mile long and for every item crossed off, another takes its place.

I’ve been earning Google product certificates for work, doing freelance writing and website maintenance, picking up refuse on the roadsides, and reading. So much reading.

I’ve been playing music and singing along and remembering just how much I have missed singing.

And, to refrain from starting yet another paragraph with the letter “I”, a snippet from the book I’ve finished “Driftless Reader”:

“To me it’s all about relationships. If you keep those old stories coming down, then you understand how we are related, not only to each other but to God, to the earth, to all that we know about. You know we have to be related. That’s what’s missing today, everywhere. We’ve forgotten how we’re connected.” ~Pete Fee from “Oneota Flow: The Upper Iowa River and Its People”

Cherish your relationships: friendly, familial, romantic.

The future is unknown.

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The Amusing Muse livings in Southern Wisconsin, is not a fan of hot and humid weather, but still makes herself go out for a walk on her days away from the office. Sarah is a student, observer of life, and aspiring phenologist. Avid reader and awesome at trivia games, please don’t ask her about sports or pop-culture post 1999.

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