Fancy Coffee Friday: NORTH! To Alaska!

Hello Dear Readers,

If you tuned in last week, you witnessed my re-emergence from the cocoon that is my life after having traveled and returned from Alaska-come-Seattle, WA. Aren’t YOU lucky!

This week’s episode shall feature me droning on seemingly-endlessly about my trip (with Mr. Muse) with a brief slideshow at the end.  Seriously, let me spare you – I’ll get to the long and short of things.

-Lots to see, lots to do, so many great places to eat/drink.
-Highlight: Boeing Plant. No really. No lies. Also, I couldn’t take photos there. Unless it was at the visitors center and why aren’t you following me on Instagram yet with Cendric the Roaming Gnome?

Alaska: We stopped in Juneau, Glacier Bay (all-day cruise), Sitka, and Ketchikan. The last three were my favs. Juneau was a “cruise port” through-and-through.

What would I do again?
Go back to Seattle – because:
-MORE hiking at Rainier National Park
-Hiking at Olympia National Park
-More things to see in Seattle

Juneau, because:
-At least one overnight so we could hike ALL the trails at Mendenhall Glacier

Sitka and Ketchikan:
-So much to see hiking, so many places to kayak, so much!

Victoria, BC, Canada:
-Honestly, we hit a storm, got there late, and saw the port at dusk. There is a lot I’d like to see, but it may take a separate trip.

Lola. No really. OCTOPUS for breakfast! Mr and our friend, Tall, Dark and Swedish said that their pancakes were the BEST EVER. They really did talk about them all week and then Mr. emailed a photo of them to Tall, Dark, and Swedish on the end of the trip. The guys are cruel like that. PS – the pancakes were full of delicious gluten, so I didn’t get to try them.

Boeing. Seriously. It’s AMAZING!

Snorkeling in Sitka.

Kayaking in Ketchikan.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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3 Responses to Fancy Coffee Friday: NORTH! To Alaska!

  1. agingcowgirl says:

    Cool pics and you must have the most comfortable hiking boots!

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