Fancy Coffee Friday: Thinking About Thinking

I’m still alive and kicking. Life has been hectic and every good intention of writing an in-depth post has been usurped by having to do this, that, or the other. So, mostly I’ve just been thinking about thinking.

Stay tuned, real writing will be coming.



About The Amusing Muse

Deep thinker whose mind operates at warped speed. Philosopher pondering the big (and little) things in life. Storyteller. Office Ninja. Model. Teller of bad jokes. User of big words.
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3 Responses to Fancy Coffee Friday: Thinking About Thinking

  1. Love the photos. Just thinking. We are all just thinking. I am thinking about where my life is headed at the moment. Very confusing. Very different than what I expected at this age.
    Life is a deal. You get what you get , or you make it something different.
    The squirrel photo is a gem.
    Don’t be a stranger to my blog just because you don’t like my work. I don’t care. You can speak your mind and tell me it is terrible. Terrible is better than silence.
    But I wish I was working with you in this new adventure….
    Okay, but I don’t regret saying that.

  2. John says:

    Thinking about thinking pretty much sums of my life, these days. I get it 🙂

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