Fancy Coffee Friday: “So, the story behind that is…”

Scars. Lots of scars. Scars usually come with a story.  The stories are either harrowing, funny, or “man that was stupid but at least you have that cool scar to go with it”.  This story is the last of those three.

My most recent walk down the path of “that’ll leave a scar” was last Sunday when I decided that my monster rhubarb plant needed some thinning out once again and I’d already given a couple pounds to one of my Swedish friends (they love rhubarb in Sweden).  The fridge here at the homestead was already bulked up with a whole lot of black raspberries from our very productive patch and I had the brilliant idea to make some rhubarb-raspberry crumble. Mmm, dessert!  Delicious!

Well, you see... what I DID was...Now, I was chopping away on the cutting board, making neat little quarter-inch slices, moving my fingers out of the way like one should when they are using a hefty chef’s knife when time slowed just a bit as the knife came down to the board and into the rhubarb… and my pinky finger.  Feel free to cringe at this moment because even typing that out still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up just a bit.

So, I did what any self-respecting person does who is prone to injury.  I removed the knife from my finger and the rhubarb.  Said, “Oh, I cut myself,” and quickly followed that with, “that’s bleeding. That’s a bleeder.”  And then I applied a crap-load of pressure as I walked outside to where Mr. Muse was cleaning the pool and said, “Oh Nurse! I require your assistance.  I’ve cut myself and it’s a bleeder.”

He slowly turned and gave me “The Look” followed by asking in his resigned-yet-humored-but-not-going-to-panic way, “What did you do, Ray?”  He climbed out of the pool as I calmly explained that I didn’t know what happened. I thought my fingers were out of the way, and well… for the most part – they were.  I said that apparently I wasn’t paying attention as well as I should have and the knife came down and it stopped – possibly when it hit bone – but it didn’t go all the way through my finger and I was pretty certain I didn’t need stitches.

So as I hustled to the bathroom ahead of him, holding my finger above my head, applying so much pressure that my right hand cramped, and reassured him that I was sure I didn’t need stitches – it was just bleeding a lot.

Our first attempt at bandaging the finger failed from the “whole lotta blood” issue and so he made me sit on the couch, applying pressure for another hour (he turned on the TV for me). The blood finally slowed to a fraction of what it had been and we got a bandage around it along with a finger condom (aka “finger cot”) in case I sprung a leak. The wound was deep as far as pinky fingers go but not wide.

Of course, I took a photo and posted it to the world.  A friend from high school who has also been accident-prone as long as I’ve known him suggested super glue. How brilliant! We HAD super glue. And then, at the bandage change that night before bed, Mr. Muse and I looked like a couple of mad scientists in the bathroom with me squeezing the wound closed and him applying the glue with both of us blowing on it to dry it as I also worked at not passing out from the blood loss (I’m sure it wasn’t that much – blood draws take more) and the blowing.

I’m proud to say that nearly a week later – the wound looks pretty damn good.  The super glue also flaked off by now.  Plus, no more bleeding.  Now I just wait to see if I get a scar.

What’s your best “How’d you get that scar” story?

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9 Responses to Fancy Coffee Friday: “So, the story behind that is…”

  1. Super Glue, an essential item for the first aid kit. I have repaired several wounds that would have had stitches had I gone into the E.R. When it was first developed (called, Eastman 910 adhesive) it was designed for gluing skin back together. All around good item, like duct tape. You can do almost anything with duct tape, Super Glue and a beer can opener.

  2. Smoothalx says:

    I would have never thought to apply super glue. I’ll have to keep it in mind. Glad that it worked for you.

    • Me too! As Mr. Muse said at my friend’s suggestion, “It’s good to have friends who get injured a lot.”

      I DID look up how small of a cut was the “stitches start here” rule of thumb and there were quite a few sites that said if it was under 3/4″ of an inch, chances are you wouldn’t need stitches. Mine is about 3/8″ and a clean slice, so while it was deep-ish, it wasn’t a huge gaping wound.

      As an aside, I just got back from a medical appt for something else and the PA took a look at it and said “Well, it looks okay. But, if it turns green… you better get it seen.” 😉 I’ve no plans on it turning green.

  3. Story of my life is getting cut or burned in the kitchen and I continue to go back for more. Super glue will now be close by. Glad it wasn’t worse!

  4. John says:

    I still remember, home from college for the summer, calling a girl that lived somewhat close to my hometown — my intention was to ask her out on a date . . . only, she had just gotten back from the ER, minutes before, after slicing open her thumb carving an apple.

    I swear, fruit & vegetables may be what the nutritionists say we should eat, but damn, they’re responsible for a lot of bodily harm.

    Anyway, my “big scar” is my right elbow – compound fracture, then a very skilled surgeon who managed to cut along the line of the bone-breach. It’s big and ugly and nasty and wonderful. My hands, well, they’re constantly scarred . . . I’m not very kind to them, I fear . . . which isn’t a good thing for a musician & IT guys.

    Lastly, I have a scar on my penis . . . it’s from a childhood bout of chicken pox.

    There are others, but, generally, once I talk about my penis in a blog comment, that’s my cue to leave.

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