Fancy Coffee Friday: The Dawn of Middle Age

The other week I found myself over at DSW looking for work shoes.  Specifically:  Flats.  Comfortable flats.  Wear-them-all-day-and-my-feet-won’t-hurt-flats.  No cheap, Old Navy flats with elastic backs that dig into my heels would do.  I’ve got a couple pairs of those and believe me, I regret the purchases.

I ended up buying a pair of Easy Spirit flats as well as a pair of LifeStride loafers and have been wearing them frequently since bringing them home.  They are comfortable, don’t pinch my toes and my heels are overly-tight-elastic-marks free.  Goodbye, cheap, Old Navy flats!

The next week after pulling my beloved pair of black stiletto heels out of the “I need to get rid of these” pile once again because only black high heels would do when it came to my chosen outfit, I decided it was time to replace that pair, too.   I headed back to DSW (because I still had a coupon…. damn those coupons!) and marched straight over to the high-heel aisles and like a puma I walked the aisles slowly, stalking the shoes.  I found one pair that was a very close match to the pair I was retiring and with glee I found my size, took off my booties and socks, and buckled those babies on for a stride.

I stood up and stopped.  The only thing similar to the pair they’d potentially replace was looks – they were uncomfortable, had no “give”, and after a few steps I found myself wrinkling my nose in disgust.  Back onto the shelf they went and I went back on the prowl.

I had my mission.  Closed-toe, black, at least a 3″ heel (because let’s not get crazy in the heel department anymore, okay?) and with a strap either over the metatarsals or around the ankle.  That first pair I tried on was the only one that fit that description and as they were so uncomfortable I knew I wasn’t willing to spend money on being tortured all day, even if my job is mostly sitting at a desk.

A little lost, I stood in the middle of the aisle and gazed about.  Perhaps I am shopping in the wrong season, I thought, it’s heading towards sandal season after all.  And I had my answer as I gazed about me at all of the open-toe, strappy sandals.  Fine, I nodded to myself, sandals it is.

The criteria changed, I was now on the hunt for black, dressy sandals with at least a 3″ heel.  I could do this.  There were lots of sandals on display.  I tried on one pair – too stiff.  I tried on a second pair – cute, but not right.  I walked past a third pair and gave them a hard look.  Dare I try them on?  Has it come to this?

I walked out of the store with a new pair of black, dressy sandals with at least a 3″ heel… and they were Naturalizer brand shoes.  When I put them on in the store and took them for a spin down the aisle I thought, “Hot Damn!  These are comfortable!”**

When I got to the car and slid in behind the wheel, I thought, Sarah, that’s three pairs of shoes in two weeks and they are all ‘comfortable’ shoes.  Apparently my days of wearing utterly impractical footwear are falling fast behind me and I’ve now entered into the phase of comfort above nearly all else.  (Sorry, Crocs… you may be comfortable but can’t get past how awful your original version looks.)

So, it was with a laugh that I told Mr. Muse about my observations on my shoe purchases of late and he said, “Perhaps these are signs you’re entering middle age?”

Probably, Mr. Muse… Probably.

**As an aside, my massage therapist commented that they were “sexy” shoes.  I agree with him.

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Deep thinker whose mind operates at warped speed. Philosopher pondering the big (and little) things in life. Storyteller. Office Ninja. Model. Teller of bad jokes. User of big words.
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5 Responses to Fancy Coffee Friday: The Dawn of Middle Age

  1. sassycoupleok says:

    A sexy woman always looks even sexier in a pair of sexy shoes, even if that’s all she has on! You my friend would be no exception. 🙂

  2. John says:

    What’s the difference between a man & a woman?

    A man has a penis. A woman has a crippling shoe obsession 🙂

    I have three pairs of shoes — the sneakers that I wear most all of the time. A pair of black dress shoes, and my running shoes 🙂

    (on the topic of sexy, I will say that I’m a BIG believer that “nothing is sexier than comfortable)

    • LOL My shoe obsession isn’t crippling… at least not that I’m no longer going for 5″ heels on everything! 😛

      Mr. Muse and I were just talking about how it’s a LOT easier for men – and that’s only because women made it really complicated. I think I want to go to a uniform of all black, white and grey. It’ll all go with everything.

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