Sunday Evening: When did I turn into Robin Williams?

I started watching Robin Williams‘ new comedy with Sarah Michelle Gellar, ‘The Crazy Ones” that came out new this fall TV season.  If you’re familiar with me and my TV watching habits, I rarely watch the boob tube, what with the thirteen billion idiotic “reality” television programs numbing minds and eradicating brain cells.  The few shows I do watch, outside of Food Porn, tend to be shows that make me laugh.  There is “Sullivan and Son” (shout out to my Twitter Follower Joshua Gray aka “Father Perry” on the show), “Family Guy” (uh… have you noticed how often I write about sporting a pair of Stewie Griffin pajama pants?), “The Simpsons”, etc.  I wasn’t sure that I’d enjoy “The Crazy Ones”, but I thought I’d give it a go.

I was laughing with the first episode.  Then, the second had me laughing more.  This morning, as I caught a few stored-up shows on the DVR, I selected “The Crazy Ones” again and as I was laughing along, giggling behind my hand, guffawing with my head back…. I stopped as it dawned on me that at some  point in my life I had turned into a less hairy version of Robin Williams.  Mr. Muse just happened to walk into the room as my epiphany occurred and I turned to him and asked, “When did I turn into Robin Williams?”  He stared blankly at me for a moment, which I took as a prompt of, “Please, tell me more”, so I did.

I entreated him, eyes wide with realization that at some point in my thirty-seven (side note: I wrote that “thirsty-seven” to start… I thought it was funny) years, my personality took on a strange kinship with the likes of Robin Williams.  Was it all the “Saturday Night Live”, “Benny Hill” and “Mork & Mindy” I had watched in my formative years?  That would definitely explain my ability to emulate Lily Tomlin’s “Edith Ann”, how I have the sense of humor of a twelve-year-old boy and why I keep saying “Na-nu, Na-nu“.  Again, Mr. Muse, still trying to figure out what I was getting at, looked back at the TV, and I explained, “Think about it.  I’m always making goofy noises and voices.  I’m always dancing and moving in silly ways.  I even make my own sound effects.”  He nodded sagely and said, “it has to have been before I met you.  You’ve always been that way.”

I could think of all kinds of things to blame for this (I’m pointing to “SNL”, “Benny Hill” and “Mork & Mindy” for the top three spots), but I think Mom could take a little of the blame, okay – perhaps my whole maternal side of the family with all of their sassy stories that kept me entertained.  But setting blame and finger-pointing aside, I guess that there are worse things that I could emulate.  Jeffrey Dahmer for one.  And nobody wants that.


P.S. I was guest blogger on Friday over at the American Association of Nude Recreation‘s “All Together Blog”.

P.P.S. During conversation today at a photoshoot with the delightful William Zuback of William Zuback Photographs, we discussed nudity and how I appear to have become the Liaison Officer for the Nude Curious through my metamorphosis into the Accidental Nudist.  I think that’s a fitting title.  Should that go on my business card?

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5 Responses to Sunday Evening: When did I turn into Robin Williams?

  1. Accidental Nudist – love it! As for Williams, he’s brilliant – even in Mork and Mindy. Personally – I welcome lapses into juvenile fits of immaturity. 🙂

  2. aging cowgirl says:

    All of this would explain the additional letters when you LOL to include the snorting and such…it’s your Aunt Jean’s fault!!!!!

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