*Knock Knock* Who’s there? Would you like to make a pledge?

Yes, yes you would like to make a pledge.

Here is the crux of the matter.  My friend Richard Allen is looking to fulfill his dreams of a photo studio and upgrade some camera equipment with some better, used equipment.  He has crowd-funding campaign going on at IndieGoGo here and has two days to go and is over the halfway mark, with only $390 to go to reach his goal.  I pledged money to his campaign because he has always been there for everyone else in his life and it’s time that people are there for him, too.

Super-fantastic Facts about Rich:

  • Loves frozen custard.
  • Gets frozen custard in his mustache.
  • Raised his nephew from infancy and finally was awarded guardianship.
  • Is an awesome networker and event planner for the modeling world.
  • His photography has improved consistently.
  • Gives great bear-hugs.
  • Likes Black-Cherry Kamikazes.
  • Is a Model Mentor.
  • Is a Model Educator.
  • Is a member of Model Mayhem’s, TheLIST.
  • Is a fellow Moderator in a modeling education forum.
  • Have I mention the frozen custard?

If every model he’d ever had a shoot with had pitched in $4, his campaign would be over by now – but they didn’t – and so here we are.  If you can spare one dollar, five dollars or even five-hundred dollars (I know, that’s asking a lot) – please do.  If you want to donate and pass your money on to someone else in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, area to use – that works, too!

Two days, $390 dollars.  That’s only $15 per hour for the next 27 hours.  Can you help Rich meet his goals?

PS – Rich took this photo…

Copyright 2011 Perceptions Edge Photography

Copyright 2011 Perceptions Edge Photography

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