It’s good to share

Today was a busy day, but more on that tomorrow.

I feel that I’ve been remiss on my blog.  I feel that since I’ve taken a full-time job that I’m letting all of you down with my lack of posting.  I have emailed friends telling them the same thing; apologizing for not being online.

This gives me pause from time to time.  I’m apologizing for Life Happening; while I’m not what you could call a “big fan of Country music”, I did, once upon a time, listen to a lot of Country artists and I’m reminded of Darryl Worley’s song, “Sounds Like Life to Me”:

And there you go.  Life is happening.  Today, Mr. Muse and I headed off to the Spring Green Art Fair with friends for a couple of hours, and while we didn’t buy anything today there were definitely artists whose work stood out to us, like:  Herb Johnson Metalsmith.  We’ve looked at his work before, and I DEFINITELY want his GINORMOUS Dragon Fly to be flying in our prairie area in the front of the house.  I just need to combine his work with that of Brady Lueck from Sculptural Steel who had a Velociraptor at one art fair that stole our hearts.  It’ll be like Jurassic Park in our front yard.  I might go back tomorrow…have to think on a couple things I saw there and decide how much I want them.

So now that I’ve shared a couple metal artists…. I wish to share with you a website that I hope, one day, to be writing for:  Elephant Journal.  The timing of going through their apprenticeship just hasn’t worked out, but one day…  I really want to make it happen.  (This is your hint to start a write-in campaign.)

Until then, the articles that stood out to me were:

Compassion: Insight Delivered by a Napping Dog.


The Bravest, Sexiest Thing You Can Do in an Uncomfortable Moment. ~ Garrison Cohen

Read and enjoy.


P.S. – to alleviate some of the “oh, so serious” tone…. go watch Halestorm sing “Rock Show” at Cadot, Wisconsin (a music fest that one day…. I WILL ATTEND!!!).

P.S.S. – Lzzy Hale took lessons from Ronnie James Dio.

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5 Responses to It’s good to share

  1. Great Darryl Worley song, always have liked it. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Life is happening and that is a wonderful thing…enjoy it! Now get back to that art show and treat yourself to some goodies!

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