12/01/2012 Question of the Day

Fishing or Golfing?

I honestly have never golfed, golfed.  Mini golfed, yes.  Wii golfed, yes.  Regular “hit the links” golfed?  No.  But I did grow up behind a golf course, so I should be a professional.  You know, like the Holiday Inn Express commercials?

Fishing I’ve done, and I did enjoy it… just not the getting yelled by my dad for “talking too damn much” and “scaring away all the goddamn fish!”  So there’s that.  However, I DO have fishing poles and tackle boxes out in the garage.  I hope to go fishing again someday, but not sure when that’ll be.

So, choosing between the two, based on the current time of year, and allowing for the fact that both activities normally take place outdoors, and the fact that it’s cold and I have a Wii game console that I can “golf” with… I’m going for golf.

FORE! (or is it “four”?)

See how that logic worked out?  Did you follow that?

What say you, Dear Readers?

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6 Responses to 12/01/2012 Question of the Day

  1. Glad to see I’m not the only one up this early…

    Good post. For me it’s editing, inside photography, woodturning, etc.

  2. I love when things work out so smoothly.

  3. neither….is that a choice? D) None of the above. or would that be C)? I golfed with my dad, sliced a drive along the fairway at ankle level and dropped my cantankerous step grand father. I never golfed again. Fishing? I lived, worked as guide and sport fished on Lake of the Woods in NW Ontario. I am all fished out…in fact…I have hand made rods gathering dust in a garage owned by the parents of the woman what tried skewering me. You can see how awkward that might be getting them back. Maybe inside Wii or Kinect golf is worth a shot or casting my lot in with…pardon the two pun in one sentence brilliance. You, dear amusingmuse, make me think too early and giggle maniacally….where’s my coffee???

    • Puns pardoned :P! and… I like to make people think. I like to think it’s part of my charm. Too bad about the hand-made rods gathering dust AND being fished out. I have actually considered going to a “fly fishing camp” just to see what the big deal is about; I also want to go sport fishing, which in February I have a decent chance at doing!

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