11/24/2012 Question of the Day

Where is the most embarrassing place you ever fell down?

I can’t say that I have a “most embarrassing place” for falling down.  I’m a borderline klutz   Once upon a time I used to think of myself as a tried-and-true klutz  but I came to realize I’m a little more nimble than just any old klutz.

Honestly, I don’t remember most occasions where I’ve fallen down, perhaps that was more an issue of mind over matter.  If I didn’t mind, it didn’t matter.

Back on track.  Falling down.  Yeah, I just can’t come up with one, even the episode of falling down I wrote about here I didn’t find particularly embarrassing, just semi-embarrassing, and painful.

How about you, Dear Readers?  Where is the most embarrassing place you’ve fallen down?

As Chelsea Handler says, “Oopsie Whoopsies!”


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6 Responses to 11/24/2012 Question of the Day

  1. On the subway steps. That’s all I can say is I saw numerous bottoms of shoes, before I got up on my own. One woman did stop to ask me what kind of pantyhose I was wearing, since I was bleeding and didn’t get a runner. Leggs if you must know….lol

  2. Probably several places but I was probably drunk and can’t remember. In the post alcohol era; I still can’t remember.

  3. I can’t remember the last time I fell down and embarrassed myself in front of a crowd….however, I trip quite frequently, especially if there’s carpeting. Usually at work…and who cares what peopleat work think of you, right??

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