11/18/2012 Sunday Search Terms and Project 365 – Random Facts:317-323

Happy Sunday, Dear Readers!

I’m getting this post in just under the wire.  Amazingly enough, while I don’t have too much to report for the week, my weekend has been busy.  I just got back home a short bit ago from heading over to DazyLady‘s house to help her sort through boxes and bins from her latest move, and darned if I didn’t get a lunch of hot wings out of it, too.

Other fun and interesting news that I found out this weekend is that I have an image (or more) in the latest issue of N Magazine, the publication for TNS, and that I will also be in their 2013 calendar.  Woo HOO! (Now go buy one!  Unless of course you’re a family member, then please don’t because that’d be weird and I don’t want to have the topic of my awesome ass come up during holiday dinners.)

And that’s really about it to report.  The fall/winter months are slow at the office for Office Ninja-ing, so I’m back to puttering around the house most of the week and spending a lot of time in my head.  Okay, who are we kidding – I spend a lot of time in my head regardless.  I’ll be working on learning Italian again, perhaps spend some more time learning knitting, perhaps more time practicing piano, guitar or my trombone, and of course I’ll spend more time crocheting – perhaps even another interesting and whimsical hat.  We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.  On that note, let’s get those search terms out of the way!

The week’s Top Search Term is:  i love sleeping.  Me, too, Dear Readers, me, too.  The heated blanket has been getting turned on most nights to “preheat” the bed (even my flannel sheets are a bit chilly without it), and crawling beneath the covers and pulling the sheets and blankets up to my nose and wallowing in the delicious warmth is… well, suffice it to say that DH calls down the hallway, “Was it good for you”, once in a while.  I digressed there, didn’t I?  A cozy bed makes for a comfy sleep.  Sleep on, my friends, sleep on.

The weeks Honorable Mention is:  can mice get in your top bunk bed.  Dear Readers, I’m here to tell you that mice can get just about anywhere in your home, not just the top bunk of your bed.  They get in the walls, the ceiling, the cabinets, the drawers, they dart across the floor under furniture and yes, they even end up in your bed sometimes.  If you want to live in blissful ignorance that mice couldn’t possibly make their way inside your comfortable abode, you’re mistaken, but don’t let me shatter your dream.

Now the facts!

Random Facts:  317-323

Random Fact #317 – I do not own any Ugg boots.

Sorry, Ugg.  I worked in student housing once upon a time and the near-constant scuff-scuff-scuff of Uggs hitting the flooring caused me to associate your product (which I hear is very nice) with lazy, spoiled children who grew up with no sense of responsibility   However, I have seen some of your products and will state I find some of them covetous through image alone, but I can’t justify the price.

Random Fact #318 – I think Kopp’s custard  is the best frozen custard…. ever.

Best ever!  You can even ORDER and SHIP Kopp’s custard to your door.

Random Fact #319 – I find Comic Book Guy hilarious.

Comic Book Guy of The Simpsons fame.

Random Fact #320 – I really like watching The Lawrence Welk Show.

Honestly, if you haven’t ever watched or don’t know who Lawrence Welk is, you’re an uneducated oaf!

Random Fact #321 – I would like to learn to play the piano.

I play can “okay” with my right hand but once the left is added into the mix it just all goes to hell.  I do have a piano in the house (needs to be tuned) and I do have a “learn how to play piano” book.  I just get easily distracted and sort of ignore it all.

Random Fact #322 – I’m contemplating taking a class in Rock Climbing.

This is one of those “experiential” things I want to drag DH off to do.  He’s told me to set it up – a project for 2013!

Random Fact #323 – I find cemeteries to be very comforting.

Don’t worry – there are no problems with being all “emo” and “goth” and crap.  I’ve just always found cemeteries to be “homey”.  I never could understand why so many people went there and cried when they were such a happy place where you could see your loved ones who’d passed.

And there we are, Dear Readers!  Another fun installment of Project 365!

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3 Responses to 11/18/2012 Sunday Search Terms and Project 365 – Random Facts:317-323

  1. I do not own UGG boots and never will because they’re ugly. The rock climbing class sounds like fun. I hope you do it so I can live vicariously trough you on that one.

    • LOL Ugg boots aren’t all that attractive, no. They have a nice-looking pair come out once in a while but overall, they just appear sloppy (blame the “traditional” Uggs for that). As for Rock Climbing – there is a gym in Madison that has an eight-week course and it’s INDOORS, Boulders Climbing Gym; it looks like a lot of fun and come on! You know you want to try it 😉

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