Go take a Hike, Sunday recap (Part 2)

I know after yesterday’s post, you were all patiently waiting to find out the second location of DH’s and my hike on Sunday.  Well, Dear Readers, wait no more!  Location number two was:  Kettle Moraine State Forest, Scuppernong.  This is hike #47 in the book 50 Hikes in Wisconsin by John & Ellen Morgan.

The hike in the book (including the Observation loop), the Green Loop, is listed as being 5 miles, but it really ends up being about 5.1, but who am I to quibble over tenths of a mile?  The map available at Kettle Moraine calls the Green Loop “expert” in difficulty, and while it has not been the most strenuous hike DH and I have partaken, it is not an “easy” afternoon in flip-flops.  I highly recommend that you wear hiking shoes or boots and if your knees aren’t great – bring hiking poles.

While the vertical rise of the trail is only about 110′ feet (according to the book) there are some decent climbs and one very steep descent at the end.  The Kettle Moraine area is where the glaciers from the last Ice Age stopped so terrain often has lots of rounded rocks, from pebble to boulder-size and you’ll encounter those on the trails.  I cannot warn you enough that this is the kind of footing that will make you slip and fall if you aren’t paying attention.  (No, I didn’t fall down… I was paying attention).

The hike was worth it and while DH and I didn’t take a whole lot of photos, we did see a lot of birds, a lot of trees and got in a good amount of quality time.  We even came across a plant I’d only heard of before and not seen up close and personal, the Pokeberry.  You’ll encounter a great deal of these in the northernmost part of the Green Loop.

We hiked this trail in 2 hours and 5 minutes, both carrying Camelbaks with water and I also hauled along my hiking poles (though apparently all of my strength training* is paying off and I didn’t need them).  There are quite a few benches in the first and last quarters of the trail, but I recall only seeing two for the middle half.

This is another hike that will not disappoint!

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*P.S. It’s four days later and my calves are STILL sore!!

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