09/30/2012 Sunday Search Terms and Project 365 – Random Facts:268-274

Welcome and Happy Sunday, Dear Readers!

It’s been a very good week indeed.  I’ve been much less stressed out, my wrist is feeling better, I had a new nephew born and… well, I got on top of the Fall Cleaning around the house.  I know what you’re saying, “Fall Cleaning”?  Yep – opposite of the Spring Cleaning that is so popular.  Here is a scary thought – I even pondered getting out the Fall/Halloween decor this week *gasp*!

Other interesting news… Folks, Dear Readers… for the last 18 years people have been telling me I should write.  I should be submitting my stories to this publication or that website (Literotica…).  That my poetry is oft funny.  So, I started looking into courses on Creative Writing, as I haven’t ever taken any.  To those of you reading this, any advice you’re willing to share with me – please do.

OTHER news… BlogHer was a site recommended to me by Belle of the Carnival, so I went, I signed up, I saw they have conventions.  I read the agenda for the 2012 convention that was held in NYC.  I’m interested.  Oh yes… I’m interested.  I’m currently trying to talk DazyLady (oh yeah… I’m calling her OUT on this one) into heading to Chicago for the 2013 BlogHer convention.  I have until November 8th to decide and things are looking favorable in that forecast.

News from the Farmstead is that… I have Houdini Happy Chickens.  A few months ago, we closed the chickens into the corral to keep them from utterly destructing stepping on the flower beds.  Things works out great until last week, when a couple of hens started to get out and then Sumo the rooster had to get out to “protect” them…. cause well, that’s his job.

DH walked fencelines.  He meshed off gates and closed off possible escape points… and STILL the Happy Chickens were getting out.  The only thing we can think of is that they are actually flying/hopping over.  None got out yesterday, so it remains a mystery.  Thankfully  scattering scratch feed into their enclosure brings them running and we can close them up in safety for the night.

Other farmstead news finds that quite a few hens molted these last few weeks so egg production is down.  There are four roosters amongst the new recruits, so they’ll end up in the freezer along with some of the older hens.  Yes… I know.  But, here’s the thing – they don’t lay eggs as frequently once they hit 2 years of age and some of the hens are going on three and we sell the eggs – I need them to produce.  Barbie the chicken will remain – she’s a pet.  Marvin and Sumo will also remain – they are well-behaved around people.  I don’t know how many will hit the freezer, but… there will be more than the four roosters.

The kale and radishes are doing great.  The peas are growing and need to be trellised.  The cherry tomato volunteers were decimated by the Houdini Happy Chickens and the golden raspberries, once they were discovered by the chickens, were also – no longer safe.  I need to pick up some cans of tomatoes so I can make some stewed kale (I like it with my scrambled eggs… and pretty much everything).  I’ve also discovered that sautéed radishes (with the green tops left on) are DELICIOUS!  I’ll be roasting some in the oven and sautéing the tops for dinner one of these nights.  I also have a bumper-crop of self-seeded dill… it’s begging for salmon.

Saturday found me going through my “DAIRY CHALLENGE” (yes, it’s in all caps because it’s a B.F.D.).  I drank 16 oz of non-fat milk with my GF oatmeal for breakfast on Saturday and I’m happy to report that “all is well”.  I won’t be pushing it, but today I’m going to be enjoying some frozen custard and Monday I’ll be eating some greek yogurt.  That’s as far as I have planned out.

I think that brings everyone up to speed so let’s get to those search terms!!

This week’s top search goes to…..: dove real women vs victoria secret.  That makes it sound like some sort of sporting event.  In this corner, we have Dove’s Real Women, everyday people wearing their cotton drawers!  In the other corner, we have Victoria’s Secret’s Angels.  They’re tall, their lithe, they have legs that go for miles.  Who will win?!

This weeks Honorable Mention Search Term goes to:  if you were in bed sleeping would a mouse go into your bed.  Yes.  Yes they would.  Do you know how many spiders, moths and other insects crawl into your bed during the night?  I don’t, but I wake up with spider bites from time to time… and I’m just glad that I don’t have Brown Recluses to worry about… not yet anyway.

Now that I have you thinking about THAT…. to the facts!

Random Facts 268-274

Random Fact #268 – I can’t resist sounding like a Hispanic Futbol Announcer when I hear Spanish and “parrot” what they’re saying.  GOOOOOOAAAAALLLLLLLLL!

I don’t watch soccer or futbol on tv… but every time I hear “GOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL”, I repeat it.

Random Fact #269 – I get occasional migraines, usually preceded by “aura” or what I call “Kaleidoscope-vision”.

So here’s the pleasant news about that… seeing “aura” before a migraine sets in means my chances of having a stroke are higher.  Hooray!

Random Fact #270 – I have wanted to learn to play banjo as far back as I can remember.

Wanting to learn and actually learning are two different things… but I STILL think banjo playing looks fun.

Random Fact #271 – I love dancing the Polka.

Nuff said.

Random Fact #272 – I have an irrational fear of sitting idle under an overpass while commuting.

What’ll happen to me if that sucker falls?!  I’ll be crushed and one sad panda!

Random Fact #273 – I like the smell of mothballs.

It’s the memories, Folks.  My Aunt Marion’s closet always smells like moth balls.  I love my Aunt Marion.  I like the smell of mothballs.

Random Fact #274 – I have picked up the annoying habit of smelling my hair.

This started either last year or this year.  It’s very strange and when I catch myself doing it I have to work at stopping.  I know it’s harmless, it’s not like I’m chewing my hair (I’ve seen people who do that), but… it’s just annoying.  BTW – other people smell my hair all the time and I don’t think it’s all that strange.

Thanks for tuning in this week!   Check back next week!

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6 Responses to 09/30/2012 Sunday Search Terms and Project 365 – Random Facts:268-274

  1. I wish I had more advice on the writing workshop front (but as you can tell from my choppy prose I’m the furthest thing from a writer). But I can recognize that skill in others (such as yourself, A.M.) so if you find a course that sounds promising to you I think you should go for it! By all means! 🙂
    Also… I’m pretty sure I was bitten by a brown recluse once. Possibly. Whatever it was left a fist-sized welt thing on my leg (for about a month or so). Fortunately we haven’t seen any B.R’s in our new apartment (although we did spot them in our PREVIOUS apartment – emphasis on PREVIOUS)! GOOOOO! Still kinda freaks me out!

    • I always tried not to think about poisonous spiders etc., when I traveled (and when I currently travel) – although I was thrown a bit once in Mississippi when I walked out of my hotel room (one of those outdoor jobs) to see a guy poking a stick under a shrub near my door. When asked what he was doing, he responded, “Y’all have a ‘Black Widder’ spider livin’ right here…”

      The response he got from my Mom and I was, “Oh… well thank you for making it angry…”

  2. You should also check-out the live blogs from New York they are full of great information and tips! I hope to see you in Chicago 2013! Woot! Woot!

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