09/18/2012 Today’s Lesson on GF Cooking/Eating

This morning I did it.

I made Gluten-Free Pancakes. BLUEBERRY pancakes. I thought this would be the perfect breakfast for the chilly morning (40 degrees!). I set the coffee maker to brewing as I went out and took care of the Happy Chickens. I got inside and set to mixing the batter, breaking into the GF flour I got from Jules Gluten Free Flour. I even made them dairy-free with coconut milk. They were thick – REALLY thick – I added more coconut milk and set to making my pancakes.

These would be delicious! I haven’t had bread-products in nearly 4 weeks other than a cupcake and a cookie bar from Bloom Bake Shop (which I thoroughly enjoyed). Pancakes, blueberry pancakes slathered with homemade blueberry jam… Yum!

It was anti-climactic.

Don’t get me wrong – they tasted good. Everything turned out as I hoped. But who knew that after this long without bread-products, I’d feel so indifferent? In the past I would have considered going back for another pancake after the first two… this morning I could only think, “Eggs and veggies would have been better.”

Another GF Lesson learned.

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