09/16/2012 Sunday Search Terms and Project 365 – Random Facts:254-260

Good Sunday Morning to you Dear Readers!

As always I hope that you’ve all had a tremendous week full of fun and frivolity!

This week was interesting.  Monday I was involved in my second commercial – this time as a lady getting her hair worked on at Jolie Cosmetology School.  I believe that the commercial will be airing on the East Coast.  I also found out that the first commercial I was in for Delta College is currently on the air in and around the Baton Rouge, LA, area.  Yay me!  There is also a good chance that I’ll be published in N Magazine – a publication of the Nudist/Naturist community… And.  AND!  I’ll be a model on the Big Nude Boat in February 2013!!  How sweet is that!?

Tuesday was a much-needed day off.  Wednesday ended up being a surprise day off (workload is low at Job #1) and I took full advantage of it by doing nothing (okay relatively nothing).  Thursday and Friday was at Job #1 where I was scolded for not doing things that needed to be done even though I hadn’t been there in a week and also got scolded for things that the boss thought weren’t done, but were.  *sigh*  I worked my Office Ninja magic and well… life goes on.

I came home Friday night and decided that I just had to have a nice, hot bath and go to bed.  So I did.  It’s amazing the difference a long, hot bath can have on a person’s disposition.  Also – it allows me to plug a favorite product of mine;  Frangipani Monoi Oil from Elemis.  Yes, it’s expensive.  But… I can use it everywhere: body, face and hair.  It’s Brilliant!!!  LOVE it!  I have the spa on Carnival Cruise Line to thank for introducing it to me.  By the way, if you put this in your bath… you can also mix it with the oil for a different   moisturizer.  Dual Purpose!!!

Yesterday was spent at BBQ Camp and it was a busy, steady day.  I even made some tips.  That’s a good thing though, because Fat Cat went to the vet Saturday morning for his annual visit, and we found out that he needs his teeth cleaned, he also had a minor skin infection from over-grooming a small area on his back leg (we didn’t notice because it’s on the inner leg) AND because he’s down over a pound (he got lazy when we took the cats food bowl off of the floor – it’s now more “work” to eat) he’s being checked for Thyroid issues.  It sucks getting older… Fat Cat is 14 years old now, but still spunky and overall – very healthy.  We hope it continues.

On the farmstead, we integrated the young “chicklets” and the regular flock.  We lost one bird, a suspected rooster – chances are that he picked a fight with Marvin or Sumo, and lost.  All the rest are fine and the flock is getting more comfortable with each other.  The Blue Kale has been growing wonderfully and I’m eating a lot of it and the peppers I planted back in MAY sprouted about 4 weeks ago and are setting flowers.  Better late than never?  I planted radishes and sugar snap peas a few weeks ago and they are all coming up wonderfully.

This weeks winner for top search term is: lol.  Yes, Folks, lol is back at the top of the search term statistics again.  Lots of people who want to know what it means, I’m sure.

Our Honorable Mention for the week is:  cocktail dranken gluten.  Or as DH said, “That sounds kind of Swedish… Coke-tail, Drank-en-GLU-ten”.  We can do that… we have friends who are Swedish.  That’s a Free Pass for turning all “Swedish Chef”.

Now let’s get to those Facts!

Random Facts 254 – 260

Random Fact #254 – I want to vacation at an underwater resort.

Okay, okay.  Get out your “sleep with the fishes” jokes.  I’d really like to just fall asleep to watching them swim around outside my room.

Random Fact #255 – If my skin peels from sunburn… I like to peel it off.

Yes, I know this is another “who doesn’t” fact… but it’s still a fact.  There is something just so utterly satisfying about peeling off sunburn…

Random Fact #256 – I love Triscuit crackers but now I can’t eat them.

Damn you Gluten!!!  Okay, and the Cracked Black Pepper ones gave me nasty heartburn (though they were tasty).

Random Fact #257 – I started taking Biotin in May 2012 to help my nails grow – it seems to be working.

Here is the caveat… all the weak stuff needed to grow out AND… I need to keep wearing gloves when I’m washing dishes, etc., at job #2.

Random Fact #258 – I once had a rabbit that my sister named “Kissyfur”.

Kissyfur was a Rex-cross and she was the sweetest rabbit.  I won’t tell you the things that happened toward the end of her life.  It was sad.  But, she was a very wonderful rabbit.

Random Fact #259 – Once upon a time, my brother and I both dove across the kitchen floor to catch some run away M&Ms.

There was a party-ish sort of thing happening at my parents.  Mom was pouring some M&Ms into a bowl and a few missed.  Next thing I knew, my brother and I looked at each other and DOVE across the floor to retrieve the scattering candies.

Random Fact #260 – I, fairly religiously, write down all information from phone calls at the office to cover my ass or the CYA Rule.

Date, time, whom I spoke to, number I called, etc.  I can’t tell you how many times I have been able to diffuse a person trying to pull the wool over my eyes by being able to list all the previous information of our last call.

Thanks for tuning in!  Check back next Sunday for more Random Facts!

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Deep thinker whose mind operates at warped speed. Philosopher pondering the big (and little) things in life. Storyteller. Office Ninja. Model. Teller of bad jokes. User of big words.
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2 Responses to 09/16/2012 Sunday Search Terms and Project 365 – Random Facts:254-260

  1. I think I should have been cast in that commercial, too! If I was the ‘before’ example Jolie Cosmetology School would have a spike in applicants like they couldn’t even imagine!
    Hahaha that poor Swedish Chef might want to consider my ‘culinary philosophy’… if it doesn’t come in a can and/or fit in a microwave, then… umm… you know… find something else that does!

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